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Pics from St. Petersburg
A few live shoots of VADER from their gig in St. Petersburg you can find here.

Gig in Kyiv: under special surveillance!
Yesterday we received an e-mail with a following content:

The Christian society from Kyiv (Ukraine) is worried about the arriving of satanic band Vader to our sacred land. It is not desirable and in case of their arriving radical actions will be held for prevention of satanic uproar!

If you want to tell some "nice words" to these nazi which are responsible for that threat, here's their address: VADER will arrive to Ukraine and play in Kyiv. We are positive about that!

Pics from gig in Moscow
In the gallery of pics you can find some nice shoots from latest gig in Moscow.

European tour schedule
European tour of VADER has been divided into two parts and will contain about 18 gigs. The first leg of the tour will take place in June, the second leg in July. The tour schedule is constantly being updated and we are going to inform you of new dates and places as soon as we can.

17.06 Salzgitter / Forellenhof (GER)
18.06 Nijmegen / Doornroosje (HOL)
19.06 London / Ulu University (UK)
20.06 Paris / La Locomotive (FR)
21.06 Lyon TNMD (FR)
22.06 tba
23.06 Montepellier / Rockstore (FR)
24.06 travel day
25.06 Marlach / Mehrzweckhalle (GER)
26.06 Aalen / Rock It (GER)
27.06 Fulda / KUZ Kreuz (GER)

02.07 Istanbul (TUR)
04.07 Geneva (SWI)
05.07 tba
06.07 tba
07.07 tba
08.07 Munster-Breitefeld (GER)
09.07 Hannover (GER)
10.07 Celtic Rock Festival (GER) Ruhrgebiet n/Dusseldorf

Pics from Munich
Search for some new pics from latest gig in Munich in the gallery.

VADER to conquer the East
VADER's tour through the East is going very well so far. The tour organizer Flaming Art Agency from Belorus is doing a pretty good job, the tour is well organized and promoted, there's about 400-500 people every night. The band has won battles of Kaliningrad, Riga, Tartu and Sankt-Peterburg and now the panzer division is moving towards Jaroslavl. Stay tuned, next war reports will follow soon.

Fan art
Krzysiek from Rzeszów (Poland) sent us a picture with a nice tattoo.
Click to enlarge it.

The 1st battle
The day of invasion has come and panzer division at the moment is moving forward. In the evening fans from Kaliningrad will see the opening show on "Battles In The East Tour", VADER's first tour through Eastern Europe.

More pics from Osnabrück
In the gallery of pics you can find more nice shoots from gig in Osnabrück.

New pics in the gallery!
A few pics from recent gig in Osnabrück have been added to the gallery.

Over 160 gigs in 2004!
It's going to be a pretty hard-working year for VADER, the band will play over 160 shows in 2004! Recently the guys came back from a very successful tour through Slovakia / Czech Republic and now they are playing some gigs in Europe. In the middle of April VADER will play their first tour crossing through Eastern Europe, invading countries like Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. In May the band will take a little break due to the recording session of their new album "The Beast"!! But only one week after the recordings end (16.06) VADER is going to hit the road again, playing 10-12 gigs through Europe. On the 2nd of July the guys will play a gig in Istanbul (Turkey) and two days later (4.07) on a festival in Geneva. Right after these gigs VADER will start another tour through the Balkans, playing 7 gigs in the following countries: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia. On the 24th of July the band will play on a festival in Domegliara, Italy.

On the 25th of August VADER will start their tour through Scandinavia, containing 14 shows in Sweden, Norway and Finland (we are still working on some Danish dates). After that Peter & Co. are going to play 3-4 gigs in RPA, Japan and Indonesia (6-7 dates). The Polish "Blitzkrieg 2" tour has been postponed to October and runs through 18.10. Two weeks later the band is going to start another trip through US, right after that tour, VADER will participate on the "X-Mass Festival 2004"...Dates will follow!!

Additional gig in Finland
During VADER's tour through Scandinavia in July/ September the band will play additional gig in Finland, 6.09 in Oulu. Below you can find Finnish part tour schedule (including support acts).

2.09. Pub Bastun, Maarianhamina (+CAUSE FOR EFFECT)
3.09. Klubi, Turku (+ TORTURE KILLER + LUCIFERASE)
5.09. Lutakko, Jyväskylä (+ TORTURE KILLER + SOTAJUMALA)
6.09. Kuusisaari, Oulu (+ TORTURE KILLER + tba)
7.09. Nosturi, Helsinki (+ TORTURE KILLER + DEEPRED)

A few summer dates
After a short tour in June VADER is going to take part on some summer festivals and below you can find a few confirmed dates and places:

02.07 Istambuł (Turkey)
04.07 Geneva (Switzerland)
10.07 Celtic Rock Festival (Germany) Ruhrgebiet n/Dusseldorf
15.07 Olecko (Poland)
24.07 Valpolicella Metal Festival IV Domegliara (Italy) n/Verona

De Profundis back online
After a few days of being offline (my former ISP kicked the site off the server without any notice in advance.) De Profundis is back online again. Although you may find that the sound and video files are not online yet, at least you can stay updated about all that happens in the VADER camp again...If you need to download sound or video files I advice you to visit But the files will be online again on De Profundis a.s.a.p. Thanx for your suport and stay Vaderized!

Harry, the webmaster of De Profundis
New pics!
A few pics from recent gig in Ostrava have been added to the gallery. Thanxs to Wolf & Evina!
Battles In The East tour schedule!
The Flaming Arts Agency has finally confirmed all the dates and venues on VADER's first trip through the Eastern Europe called "Battles In The East Tour 2004". It contains 13 gigs. A band called EVERLOST has been added to the bill as a support act. For more info contact with the tour manager Vadim Khomich (The Flaming Arts), The dates & venues are as follow:

15.04 - Kaliningrad (Russia)
16.04 - Vilnius (Lithuania)
17.04 - Riga (Latvia)
18.04 - Tartu (Estonia)
19.04 - Sankt-Peterburg* (Russia)
20.04 - day off
21.04 - Jaroslavl* (Russia)
22.04 - Moscow (Russia)
23.04 - travel day
24.04 - Samara* (Russia)
25.04 - Ufa (Russia)
26.04 - Tula* (Russia)
27.04 - Kharkov* (Ukraine)
28.04 - Kiev* (Ukraine)
29.04 - Minsk* (Belarus)

De Profundis offline!
The second VADER's website has some problems with hosting. As soon as we know more we will let you know!

Fan Art
Another nice tattoo work of VADER's diehard fan has been added to our collection.
A credit for it goes to Sebastian Sekret from Poland.

New pics!
Go to and check out the gallery, when you can find some pics from VADER's latest gig in Plzeň.
Fan Art
Click and download here a pretty nice wallpaper, created by Lord Libith (greetings!).
New dates and venues!
As you know, in the beginning of April VADER will go on short trip through Europe. The band will play 5 gigs and there are two important changes in the tour schedule. Two new venues have been added to the invasion. Now the dates are as follow:

01.04.04 D Osnabruck (N8 Club)
02.04.04 HOL Katwijk aan zee (Scum Club)
03.04.04 BEL Brussels (Ten Weyngaert)
04.04.04 D Monachium (Titanic City Club)
05.04.04 D Paderborn (Kulturwerkstatt Club)

Fan Art
Artur, a great VADER's fan send us that photo with a nice tattoo on his right leg, with a theme taken from "Reign Forever World" artwork. Thanx and greetings!

We are still waiting for other vaderized pics. Feel free to send them to this address.

Scandinavian tour schedule- update
New places have been confirmed for VADER's first Scandinavian assault in August/ September 2004. As you can see it's going to be pretty intense tour. More details concerning support acts and promoters follow soon.

25.08.04 WED (S) Gotheborg
26.08.04 THU (N) Oslo
27.08.04 FRI (N) Trondheim
28.08.04 SAT (N) Bergen
29.08.04 SUN (N) Sandness
30.08.04 MON (S) Karlstad
31.08.04 TUE (S) Gavle
01.09.04 WED (S) Stockholm
02.09.04 THU (FIN) Mariehamn
03.09.04 FRI (FIN) Turku
04.09.04 SAT (FIN) Tampere
05.09.04 SUN (FIN) Jyvaskyla
06.09.04 MON (FIN) Helsinki

New dates and venues confirmed
The Flaming Arts Agency (, has confirmed new dates and venues on forthcoming tour of VADER through the East:

15.04.04 Kaliningrad (Russia)
16.04.04 Vilnius (Lithuania)
17.04.04 Riga (Latvia)
18.04.04 Tartu (Estonia)
19.04.04 Sankt-Peterburg (Russia)
21.04.04 Jaroslavl (Russia)
22.04.04 travel day
23.04.04 Samara (Russia)
24.04.04 Ufa (Russia)

Short trip through Europe
Before VADER's next tour through Europe the band will play 4 gigs, in Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland. There's a possibility for more dates in Germany but they are still under negotiations. The confirmed dates are as follows:

01.04.04 D Osnabruck
02.04.04 HOL Katwijk aan zee
03.04.04 BEL Brussels
04.04.04 SWI Geneva

On the 12th of March VADER will hit the road together with death metal monster HYPNOS, playing 9 shows in Czech Republic and Slovakia. For more details write directly to Petr Hejtmanek- the tour manager.,,

12.03.04 CZ Ostrava / RC Prostor
13.03.04 CZ Zabreh na Morave / Rafanda Club
14.03.04 CZ Lomnice nad Popelkou / Sokolovna
15.03.04 CZ Plzen / Pod Lampou
16.03.04 CZ Praha / Matrix Club
17.03.04 CZ Brno / KD Svatoboj
18.03.04 SLO Nitra / Stara Pekaren
19.03.04 SLO Martin-Vrutky / Mlyn Club
20.03.04 CZ Uherske Hradiste / Nebo Blizke Okoli

Interview with Peter
IJM has interviewed Peter during VADER's tour through US, last year. The article you can find here.
Fan art
That's not an act of vandalism but a brand new model of an old Polish car, designed by VADER's diehard fans. Thanx to Black Oliv and her comrades for these nice photos!

BTW, if you have any interesting pics concerning VADER and want to create a fan gallery on this page in the future, feel free to send them to this address.
Recordings postponed, a new drummer!
During the recording session of VADER's new album Doc met with an unfortunate accident at the studio. He seriously injured his hand and leg during the third day of working at Hertz. The band was forced to cancel the session and postpone recordings until May. Unfortunately the injuries of Vader's drummer require longer time of convalescence, it follows that Doc won't play the drums on the new album! The band is going to record the album at PR Studio in Gdańsk and Daray from Polish black metal band VESANIA will join the band as a session musician, taking over the drums on the new record. He will also play with VADER on band's forthcoming gigs and tours. The new album is going to be released in September. Keep your fingers crossed for both drummers, more details follow soon.
VADER to strike Scandinavia
The dates hasn't been confirmed yet, but probably in the second half of the year VADER is going to vaderize their Swedish, Norvegian, Finnish and Danish fans, during the first regular tour through Scandinavia. The tour schedule:

24.08.04 (S) Malmoe
25.08.04 (S) Gotheborg
26.08.04 (N) Oslo
27.08.04 (N) Trondheim
28.08.04 (N) Bergen
29.08.04 (N) Stavanger
30.08.04 day off - travel
31.08.04 (S) Orebro/Karlstad
01.09.04 (S) Stockholm
02.09.04 day off - ferry's travel
03.09.04 (FIN) Turku
04.09.04 (FIN) Tampere
05.09.04 (FIN) Jyvaskyla
06.09.04 (FIN) Helsinki
New offensive starts on 12th of March!
On the 12th of March VADER will start their new live offensive.

Firstly the band is going to attack Czech Republic and Slovakia.
12.03.04 CZ Ostrava, 13.03.04 CZ Zabreh na Morave, 14.03.04 CZ Lomnice, 15.03.04 CZ Plzen, 16.03.04 CZ Praha, 17.03.04 CZ Brno, 18.03.04 SLO Nitra, 19.03.04 SLO Martin-Vrutky, 20.03.04 CZ Uherske Hradiste.

After that VADER will play some gigs in Europe.
01.04.04 D Osnabruck, 02.04.04 HOL Scum, 03.04.04 BEL Brussels, 04.04.04 SWI Geneva.

There are also some confirmed dates for Eastern Europe.
15.04 Kaliningrad (Russia), 16.04 Vilnius (Lithuania), 17.04 Riga (Latvia), 18.04 Tartu (Estonia), 19.04 Sankt-Peterburg (Russia)...

Another European tour is scheduled for 16.06 - 30.06.
Readers of Metal Hammer appreciate VADER!
We are proud to announce that in the annual poll of Polish Metal Hammer Magazine VADER ended up on the 1st place in a few categories: album of the year- "Blood", best song- "We Wait", band of the year- VADER, musician of the year- Peter, personality of the year- Peter. That's a great surprise for us the more so because last year VADER hasn't released a new, full lenght album but only a mini CD.
VADER starts recordings!
The day finally has come, VADER starts recording session of their new album! Doc is currently working on his blasting parts at Hertz Studio, Białystok. The second part of the process will take place at PR Studio in Gdańsk. VADER is entering the studio on the 16-th of Februrary to record all the guitars and vocals.
"Blood" on the 1st place!
For a few weeks VADER's "Blood" American edition (containing "Reign Forever World" MCD) was occupying the 1-st position on CMJ Metal Radio Charts (Loud Rock Top 20).
New website!
Check the official website of Jacek Wi¶niewski, the artist who did a plenty of amazing covers for bands like VADER, KRISIUN, MALEVOLENT CREATION, MONSTROSITY, GRAVE, DECAPITATED, MARDUK and many others...
More details about PANZER X debut release!
PANZER X's "Steel Fist" will contain more stuff than was previously announced and it's going to be more like a debut MCD of the band than simply a promo tape. Peter takes it very seriously and you needn't worry about the results. "Steel Fist" will contain six songs: "Feel My X", "Panzer Attack", "Steel Fist", "Together 4 Ever" and two covers: "Riding On The Wind"(JUDAS PRIEST) and "Paint In Black"(ROLLING STONES). Vitek from DECAPITATED have recorded all the drums, the second part of recordings will take place in the middle of January at Studio X, Olsztyn. Beside you can see "Steel Fist" album artwork, created by Wojtek Blasiak.
New songs!
Peter is currently writing new songs for "Revelations" successor. We have two brand new titles: "Out Of A Deep" and "Lead Us!". Also Peter's side- project PANZER X is in the middle of recording process of band's promo CD. It will feature 4 pieces plus 2 cover songs and something extra... More details follow soon.

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