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Tibi Et Igni
Tibi Et Igni
VADER - Transsiberian Blitz Tour 2015 (Northern Leg)

In less than two weeks VADER starts the Eastern bloc tour!
TRANSSIBERIAN BLITZ TOUR 2015 - (Northern Leg) will cover 7 cities in Russia and one ni Belarus.
We present the full schedule and the official tour teaser:

On every concert in addition to the songs from the latest album „Tibi et Igni” you will also hear the classics from the whole VADER discography!

VADER’s Transsiberian Blitz Tour 2015 (Northern Leg) will visit:
20.06 – Dudutki (Belarus) / Kupalskaje Kola Open Air
21.06 – Moscow (Russia) / Volta Club
23.06 – Murmansk (Russia) / Golfstream Club
25.06 – Yaroslavl (Russia) / Gorka Club
26.06 – Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia) / Premio Centre
27.06 – Samara (Russia) / Zvezda Club
28.06 – St. Petersburg (Russia) / Phoenix Concert Hall

More info on: | |
VADER - Legendary demos coming this april! Pre-orders start now!!!

On April 3 2015, almost thirty years after the first Metalmania festival, the legendary Vader will take you back in time! Check out Peter recalling the good old days:

“Showing up on-stage in 1986 was the first big venue for Vader to play in. We had the opportunity to play on different Metalmania editions throughout the years but the first time was the most important and memorable for me. Vader was chosen after the jury heard our rehearsal tape that we sent. To be honest, we didn’t even thought that anybody will give a shit about it until… one winter evening Zbyszek came by hyped and shouting “We are going to the Metalmania!!!”. It was quite a suprise for us, like signing to Earache Rec six years later. The gig was a real “blitzkrieg”! We were so pumped up with the whole atmosphere, the bands that shared the stage with us and the enormous audience. For a young band from Olsztyn this was like standing at the threshold of hell! We met with Dragon and Test Fobia Kreon. Back in the day we were all about orthodox music & making friends with those who shared our views. That Metalmania was also a breakthrough for the band. After the show we parted ways with Zbyszek – the co-founder of the band. We wanted to play more aggressive – faster and extreme. Zbyszek was not into this kind of music… But in the end this is how our signature style was born, somewhat after the 1986 Metalmania.”
We would like to recall you the first steps of the most important Polish death metal band ever! The three legendary demos “Live in Decay”, “Necrolust” and “Morbid Reich” started, what turned out to be, a worldwide expansion of Vader lasting until today. Those three albums have finally the kind of releases that they deserved in the first place. This will also be a start of series of special releases that will see the light of day in the coming months.
We’ve prepared standard CD’s, limited digipaks, limited cassettes and vinyls of course, with tons of new t-shirts (including 3 exceptional designs made by Chris Moyen only for this occasion). We did our best to recreate that oldschool look and feel of those releases. Peter handpicked and supervised the designs that were made with never before seen footage of Vader early days. We reduced the amount of noise on the demos and prepared them exactly how they should sound like on cd, vinyl and tape. We are hoping that the releases will have that “collectors item” look and feel for the fans and they will meet their expectations.
Also we are preparing a special vinyl edition of the three demos with Zbigniew M. Bielak’s designs. This edition will be released along with a 200 pages book (30cm x 30cm) full of unique photos, interviews, reviews and lots of very rare stuff from the “demo period”- with the commentary of Jarek Szubrycht. The release will have an exclusive packing along with an additional DVD disc to be available in June 2015. The cover artwork for the book was designed by Chris Moyen!!!
March 4 2015 we invite you to celebrate Vader’s special show „BEFORE THERE WAS CHAOS” in Bialystok’s club ZMIANA KLIMATU where you can buy all the limited editions of Vader’s demos a month before the premiere!

Don’t hesitate to pre-order the releases in our webstore with special items:

here you can find all the releases with autographs special editions T-SHIRT !!!
And here you can check out the samples from the upcoming albums:

VADER will return!

In 2014, VADER returned with the absolute heaviest album in their career. The Latin titled new creation »Tibi Et Igni« was recorded between December 2013 and February 2014 at Hertz Studio in Bialystok (Poland). Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski were brought in to produce this upcoming death metal sledgehammer of an album and it doesn’t take more than the first few seconds of the opening track `GO TO HELL´ to appreciate the strength of the new record’s position in VADER’s multifaceted discography. With riffs that sound akin to a demolition squad, double bass attacks like uppercuts and vocals that echo from your guts like thunder in the night, VADER have outdone themselves on their new opus. “Tibi Et Igni” embodies death metal in perfection!

After the highly acclaimed Tour with Kreator & Arch Enemy in the end of 2014,
VADER are ready to hit the stages in Europe once again!
“VADERMANIAX !!!! European part of Blitz! is COMING !!!! Together with „Rock The Nations" agency we are pretty much ready to visit 19 cities in March 2015. This first part of VADER tour - promoting the last album „Tibi et Igni” released by Nuclear Blast in 2014 - includes 11 countries (also England , Scotland and Ireland). We come together with our Dudes from HATE. We can’t wait to bring Hellfire to You soon. We hit Hatefest Festivals in Germany/Austria right after Blitz! in April for another 11 shows !!!! THE GATES OF HELL OPEN JUST NEXT TO YOUR HOUSE \m/ \m/ \”

proudly present:

Blitz! Over Europe Tour 2015

+ Special Guest

13.03. NL Rotterdam - Baroeg
14.03. NL Sneek - Bolwerk
15.03. NL Eindhoven - Dynamo
16.03. FR Lille - Aeronef
17.03. UK Plymouth - The Hub
18.03. UK Nuneaton - Queens Hall
19.03. UK Glasgow - Audio
20.03. IRE Dublin - Voodoo Lounge
21.03. UK London - Underworld
22.03. BEL Hasselt - Muziekodroom
23.03. FR Paris - Glazart
24.03. FR Saint Nazaire - VIP
25.03. SP Bilbao - Santana 27
26.03. PT Lissabon - Paradise Garage
27.03. SP Madrid - Arena
28.03. SP Barcelona - Razzmatazz 2
29.03. CH Martigny - Les Caves du Manoir
30.03. IT Brescia - Circolo Cologny
31.03. IT Rome - Traffic Club
KREATOR - Tourtrailer online

German thrash giants KREATOR have published a European-Tour trailer as a foretaste of their launching on November, 26th in Lyon, France. To get you right in the mood for this winter´s mega-event simply click here:

The tour is an absolute must-see for all metal fans, for after the Tilburg-Show on Dec.4th, there`s gonna be ARCH ENEMY, SODOM and the Polish death metallers VADER accompanying KREATOR on tour. Leading with a total of 21 cities.

Since the band´s concerts have been rather scarce on European soil recently, this is going to be an opportunity that many fans have been waited for eagerly.

KREATOR Frontman Mille comments: "Many of our European fans have expressed their displeasure about the fact that the band - besides of some festival appearances - has played relatively seldom in Europe. In 2013 we have primarily taken care of our fans overseas. Now we would like to change that:
Right on time for the re-release of "ENDLESS PAIN", "PLEASURE TO KILL" and "EXTREME AGGRESSION" in all possible formats -. even on vinyl (!) - we are going to complete the tour cycle for PHANTOM ANTICHRIST with a rich concert tour in Europe. This will be the last opportunity to see KREATOR in the context of a hall tour for a long time because we are going to work on our new album and play only a few selected concerts in 2015. We are already full swing working on a a brand new multimedia stage show, plus we are going to have a several surprises in the upcoming setlist. Again we are going to be accompanied by our friends of ARCH ENEMY, who will present their new album "War Eternal", VADER are going to be with us too, as well as our old companions of SODOM. This tour is gonna to be the ultimate hammer!!"


Presented by Metal Hammer, Blast!, Guitar, Slam, Piranha, Musix, Noizeletter,


04.12.2014 NL – Tilburg, 013, tickets:
05.12.2014 DE – Ludwigsburg, MHP Arena, tickets:
06.12.2014 DE – Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle, tickets:
07.12.2014 DE – Saarbrücken, Garage, tickets:
08.12.2014 DE – Hamburg, Docks, tickets:
09.12.2014 DE – Berlin, Huxleys, tickets:
11.12.2014 DE – Wiesbaden, Schlachthof, tickets:
12.12.2014 DE – Geiselwind, Eventhall, tickets:
13.12.2014 DE – München, Tonhalle, tickets:
14.12.2014 CH – Pratteln, Z7, tickets:

There are tour packages that literally scream "this is f****n` massive!!!" before said tour even kicks off! This is definitely such a case - a colossal line up that will beam lovers of extreme music to the seven heavens. German thrash metal giants KREATOR are leading the true "hordes of chaos" throughout Europe as headliners, and with them a real gourmet selection of bands will hit the road...

With the release of "Endless Pain", they established Germany as a thrash nation in 1985 almost single-handedly and continued throughout the following years to keep a whole subgenre fresh via their own "Violent Revolution"! In 2012, KREATOR released the classy and ultimately heavy "Phantom Antichrist" which brought the band superb chart entries and sold-out venues all over the planet. This triumphant march has recently been immortalized in shape of the live package "Dying Alive". Frontman and icon Mille Petrozza comments: "A lot of our European fans voiced their discontent over the fact that the band hardly does European club tours - apart from our festival shows. In 2013 we were mainly busy playing for our fans overseas. We want to change this now. In time for the reissues of "ENDLESS PAIN", "PLEASURE TO KILL" and "EXTREME AGGRESSION" in all kinds of formats - finally on vinyl again too - we`ll end the PHANTOM ANTICHRIST tour cycle in Europe with a massive string of shows. This will be your last chance to see KREATOR live in clubs for quite a while, because we`ll be busy working on a new album in 2015 and only play carefully selected shows. Right now we`re working on a new multimedia stage show and we`ll also have a bunch of surprises in the setlist. Our friends of ARCH ENEMY are part of the trek to present their new album "War Eternal", and so will VADER and our old companions SODOM. This tour will be KILLER!!!"

ARCH ENEMY have just injected some fresh blood into their ranks: growler extraordinaire Angela Gossow has been replaced by the equally powerful Alissa White-Gluz! Have no fear, dear fans - the band that brought us one melodic death metal anthem after the other with landmark releases such as "Rise Of The Tyrant" (2007) and "Khaos Legions" (2011) is stronger than ever. Just check out the brand new video for "War Eternal": a masterful combination of raw shredding and lush melody lines only ARCH ENEMY could pull off in such an elegant fashion! The full album - also entitled "War Eternal" - will be upon us June 2014. ARCH ENEMY's founder, guitarist/chief-songwriter Michael Amott comments: "Yes, what a great tour! We've wanted to tour with KREATOR for the last ten years and now it's finally happening! KREATOR was one of the bands that inspired me to play faster and harder when I grew up and I'm happy to call Mille Petrozza a friend for quite a few years now. This tour is a real metal onslaught, the kind of show you don't want to miss. We're excited as hell to be a part of it and looking forward to showing the fans the damage that the re-energized ARCH ENEMY is capable of in 2014!"

Teutonic thrash legends SODOM celebrated their 30th anniversary last year - amongst others on stage with KREATOR at the BEASTIVAL. At the same time they unleashed their fourteenth album "Epitome Of Torture": a love letter to the old school sound and at the same time a fresh shredding feast that proved the status of these pioneers once and for all! Party hard with classic cuts such as 'Ausgebombt' or 'Outbreak Of Evil' together with new skull-crushing anthems!

They are the ultimate legends of Polish death metal: VADER! Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek and his henchmen play brutal old school death metal like there was no tomorrow - and they have ever since 1983! On top of that, VADER are one of the hardest working bands around ( = always on tour) and will soon prove with "Tibi Et Igni" (release date: May 30) that they are truly part of the extreme metal elite.

This brilliant and brutal package will kick things of at Tilburg, Holland on December 4, and you should regularly visit and for more info, news and tickets!

KREATOR Tour 2014
Arch Enemy

Presented by Metal Hammer, Blast!, Guitar, Slam, Piranha, Musix, Noizeletter,


26.11.2014 FR - Lyon, Le Transbordeur *
27.11.2014 FR - Istres, L´Usine *
01.12.2014 FR - Toulouse, Le Bikini *
02.12.2014 FR - Paris, Le Bataclan *
04.12.2014 NL - Tilburg, 013, tickets:
05.12.2014 DE - Ludwigsburg, MHP Arena, tickets:
06.12.2014 DE - Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle, tickets:
07.12.2014 DE - Saarbrücken, Garage, tickets:
08.12.2014 DE - Hamburg, Docks, tickets:
09.12.2014 DE - Berlin, Huxleys, tickets:
11.12.2014 DE - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof, tickets:
12.12.2014 DE - Geiselwind, Eventhall, tickets:
13.12.2014 DE - München, Tonhalle, tickets:
14.12.2014 CH - Pratteln, Z7, tickets:
16.12.2014 UK - Leamington, Assembly Rooms *
17.12.2014 UK - Bristol, Academy *
18.12.2014 UK - London, The Forum *
19.12.2014 UK - Manchester, Academy *
20.12.2014 IR - Dublin, Academy *
21.12.2014 UK - Glasgow, QMU *
22.12.2014 UK - Newcastle, Academy *

*without Sodom and Vader
VADER – Cover artwork and tracklist of "TIBI ET IGNI" revealed

VADER just revealed the cover artwork for their upcoming album "TIBI ET IGNI"! Artwork was handled this time by a true legend of visuals, Joe Petagno (MOTÖRHEAD ect.)

VADER mastermind Piotr states:
“Joe is a Legend! Not just because he created Motorhead logo or breathtaking artworks for many outstanding albums. Joe is over all times and his imagination touches the Hell itself….And this is enough reason to ask him for painting „a Hellfire” for Vader’s new music. He accepted it and… made me so proud!“

Joe Petagno adds:
“They have been on my “get in touch” list for years. Finally we managed it and for a Killer album very appropriately titled: Tibi et Igni.”

The band has also released the tracklist of "TIBI ET IGNI":

01. Go To Hell
02. Where Angels Weep
03. Armada On Fire
04. Triumph Of Death
05. Hexenkessel
06. Abandon All Hope
07. Worms Of Eden
08. The Eye Of The Abyss
09. Light Reaper
10. The End
Digipak Bonus:
11. Necropolis
12. Des Satans Neue Kleider
Bonus 7“ Vinyl Version:
Side A: 01. Necropolis
Side B: 01. Przeklęty Na Wieki (Cursed Eternally)

“TIBI ET IGNI” will be available as standard Jewelcase-CD, Digipak (with 2 bonus tracks), as colored vinyl with a bonus “7 EP (incl. 2 bonus tracks), and exclusively at Nuclear Blast Mailorder as limited Digipak-Edition with a signed VADER-Tourbook.
VADER announced to release a special 7“ single off their upcoming album “TIBI ET IGNI”.
The 7” single is titled “Go To Hell” and includes following songs:

Side A: “Where Angels Weep”
Side B: “Triumph Of Death”
The song “Where Angels Weep” will also be available digitally.
The vinyl and the digitally version will be released on April 18th via Nuclear Blast.
You can pre-order the single (red, white and black vinyl).

The new album will be released on May 30, 2014 via Nuclear Blast.

"We are almost ready with final mix and master to "Tibi et Igni" new VADER album. To give You a little touch of what is coming at the end of May - we prepared two songs for special 7'' vinyl even before we started to work with mixing process. This limited little "fire breath" is called "Go To Hell" and includes tracks: "Where Angels Weep" and "Triumph Of Death". It will be available soon in April. Digital version - just one track - is gonna be available too. The mix and some details are different then all You will find on the album in May. ENJOY ... and call the fiery winds of Hell !!!!" - Peter /VADER/

The recording session of the new album "Tibi et Igni" is about to be finished. All trax are done and ready for final mix. All that we have left to do are samples and intros to particular songs. The whole record will be ready to be sent to Nuclear Blast by middle of March and premiere date is set for the end of May. However yet in March You will get 7'' with two fresh trax from the new album. This record, entitled "Where Angels Weep", shall include songs in versions different than on the album. In April we plan to release a video report from the studio and some interviews with musicians from Vader. Some more info about the cover graphics should be known as well. You'll be able to hear some new tracks from the upcoming album during summer festivals. The whole "Tibi et Igni", however, will traditionally be promoted in fall, in Europe (September), in Poland with Blitz tour (October/November), to end 2014 in USA in December. Premiere of new Vader is just a part of all surprises, which we plan for all of you this year. Before that (March/April), we'll remind the old Vader from 85-95 decade to all our fans in a series of very special shows in Poland. This "time travel" is connected with the premiere (this spring) of the book "Total War" written by Jarek Szubrycht, which is a whole detailed story of Vader since very begining till the current album. It was really worth waiting for this monumental work. More details...soon \m/

2013 is over. This year was for us very active and successful indeed. We were touring twice in Europe, we visited Brasil and took part in many great festivals in Summer season. We also came back to USA with amazing tour after three years of silence. 2013 was a year crowning our last album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". It is time for NEW quality and challenges !!! NEW album - "Tibi et Igni" - is in progress in fiery crucible of Hertz Studio. All trax will be done till the end of January and whole thing by the February. Expect the album in stores about April/May 2014. To all expecting new forms, artistic experiments or other pathetic garbage we say: GO TO HELL !!!! We are devoted to Metal and loyal to our Fans. VADER was born in the heat of the stages and it was YOU , who always keep that Fire burning. This new album is our dedication for that Power and loyalty !!! We'll hit the road yet in Spring , so You can check some flames form the new Vader's Hell. To ALL of YOU we wish ALL THE BEST IN THE UPCOMING NEW YEAR 2014 !!!!! See You in Hell soon Brothers and Sisters...\m/

Straight from Hertz Studio-we have a bunch of fresh news about Vader's empire. First of all: WE'RE STARTING WITH THE NEXT ALBUM! Today yet nice and easy we're calibrating the heavy weapon for James, so His drumming can blow heads off Your necks. From tomorrow we record all these bloody tracks of new incantations. The next chapter, a new bible for all those hungry for extreme massacre and dark challenges is called: TIBI ET IGNI "For You (and only You) and Fire" - so we can translate from latin this pretty symbolic title. 10 songs PLUS 4 bonuses are in plans to be created.... More details soon. Will we set anxiety in Your minds? We film the recording process to show the whole thing in a while. Of course,we'll keep You informed about each next step in recordings regularly. STAY ALERTED !!!!

Last night, August 24th, the Polish death metal legends VADER performed at Festiwal Mocnych Brzmień in ¦wiecie (PL), check out below the video for the song “Fractal Light”:


On September 6th VADER will start their American tournee in a great company of VITAL REMAINS, SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER, EXECRATION and EXTEMELY ROTTEN. It is the long-awaited tour promoting the band's recent album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" (Nuclear Blast). Peter announces similar concert set to the one performed on European part of the tour, i.e. based on two classic albums "Sothis" and "Black to the Blind". Fans of VADER will also hear other classics of the band and the newest songs. The tour takes place thanks to Precision Metal Booking. Stay VADERized!

06.09.2013 Santa Ana, CA @ Yost Theatre
07.09.2013 Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro
08.09.2013 Portland, OR @ Alhambra Theatre
09.09.2013 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
10.09.2013 Caldwell, ID @ The Venue
12.09.2013 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
13.09.2013 Kansas City, MO @ Aftershock
14.09.2013 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar
15.09.2013 Chicago, IL @ Reggies
16.09.2013 Detroit, MI @ The Detroit Pub
17.09.2013 Brooklyn, NY@ The Paper Box
18.09.2013 Wilmington, DE @ Mojo 13
19.09.2013 Raleigh, NC @ Kings
20.09.2013 Charleston, SC @ Oasis
21.09.2013 Tampa, FL@ The Orpheum
22.9.2013 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
24.09.2013 Oklahoma City, OK @ Chameleon Room
25.09.2013 San Antonio, TX @ Korova
26.09.2013 Dallas, TX @ The Boiler Room
27.09.2013 Albuquerque, NM @ Launchpad
28.09.2013 Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
29.09.2013 Hollywood, CA @ Whisky a Go Go

We can close up to You finally our plans for August/September. There are some nice festivals in Poland at the end of August. We'll join also our Friends from NILE on Their shows in our country too. First of all we'd like to invite all our Fans to a very speciall and rare performence in city of Olsztyn - where VADER was formed in 1983! On this XXX aniversary show we're gonna remind our debiut album and a bunch of songs from very early days, which were not performed since 80's. Some speciall merch will be available on this show as well. See dates below:

24.08.2013 - ¦wiecie Festiwal Mocnych Brzmień
25.08.2013 - Cieszanów (Rock Festiwal)
28.08.2013 - Olsztyn
30.08.2013 - Łyski Magia Rocka
31.08.2013 - Wrocław (w/ NILE)
01.09.2013 - Katowice (w/NILE)
03.09.2013 - Warszawa Fugazi FESTiwal

Just after vacation we'll start a speciall tour in USA under name "Back to the Black" where we plan to remind songs from VADERs classic 3rd album and mini EP "Sothis" PLUS some songs from very last LP. "Welcome to the Morbid Reich" too. VITAL REMAINS and SACRIFICIAL SLAUGHTER will support us on those 20 shows across all the country. Some details below. More shows coming up soon:

06.09.2013 - Santa Anna CA
07.09.2013 - Oakland CA
08.09.2013 - Portland OR
09.09.2013 - Seattle WA
10.09.2013 - Caldwell ID
11.09.2013 - tbc
12.09.2013 - Denver CO
13.09.2013 - Kansas City MO
14.09.2013 - St.Louis MO
15.09.2013 - Chicago IL
16.09.2013 - tbc
17.09.2013 - New York NJ
18.09.2013 - tbc
19.09.2013 - Releigh NC
20.09.2013 - Charleston SC
21.09.2013 - Tampa FL
22.09.2013 - Atlanta GA
23.09.2013 - tbc
24.09.2013 - Oklahoma OK
25.09.2013 - San Antonio TX
26.09.2013 - Dallas TX
27.09.2013 - tbc
28.09.2013 - Tucson AZ
29.09.2013 - Los Angeles CA
VADER - to tour Brazil in August

After a successfull BACK TO THE BLACK tour in Europe, VADER announces the Tour in Brazil for this August, in co-operation with Massive Music (PL) and Dark Dimensions (BR). Check out the dates below:
Comments the band: "We can't wait to bring Morbid Empire to Brasil !!!! Veja-o em agosto !"

August 2 at Downtown Pub in Recife, Brazil
August 3 at Bali Beatch Club in Salvador, Brazil
August 4 at Carioca Club in Sao Paolo, Brazil
August 5 at Teatro Odisseia in Rio de Janeiro

Currently VADER is busy with several Summer festivals in Europe, check out the remaining shows below:

June 8 at Chronical Moshers Festival in Heinsdorfergrund (GER)
June 13 at Break The Ground Festival in Ahnsbeck (GER)
July 11 at Rockharz Festival in Ballenstedt/Harz (GER)
July 26 at Metal4Splash Festival in Rotenburg (GER)
July 27 at Baden In Blut Festival in Lorrach (GER)
August 14 at Summerbreeze Festival in Dinkelsbuhl (GER)
August 16 at Motocultor Festival in Saint-Nolff (FR)

Furthermore VADER has recently revealed plans for upcoming months:
Besides the busy Summer Festival season, a special VADER-show will be organized in Olsztyn (PL) on August 28. (Poland) , where the band was formed. It will be a special show for the band's XXX anniversary on stage and XX anniversary of the debut album release. On this very special evening VADER will play songs from early days plus the whole "The Ultimat Incantation" live !!!!

In the meantime VADER is working on new album. Peter comments: "We already booked studio for Nov./Dec. 2013_ A few upcoming titles? Why not!!! "Abandon All Hope", "Bring Them To Me" or "Infernal Poetry". See You Hell \m/" /Peter/

We are about to finish second part of BACK TO THE BLACK tour in Europe. Here are a bunch of "Frontline news". We started this time in North of Europe in Germany and Denmark. On day three we were joined by Friends from MELECHESH, W.I.L.D and STERBHAUS. Then after great show in Aarhus and probably best on tour concert in Nancy in France, we continued through Munich, Zagreb and Budapest to the South. Whatta great shows in Rumania and Bulgaria we had!!! Next stops were Serbia, Italy ,Switzerland and Annaberg, with great performance indeed!!! After show in Ostrava (Czech Rep) we said "HELLOO!!" to our Dudes from supporting bands to continue alone on final shows on tour...
We'd like to remind as well EXTREME FEST in Hunxe (Germany), where we'll show up on 25th May sharing the stage with Friends from DECAPITATED, BEHEMOTH and many more bands. Also we plan at the end of August a special show in city of Olsztyn (Poland) , where the band was formed. This is gonna be band's XXX anniversary and additional "a debiut album" XX anniversary show. On this very special evening we'll play songs from early days plus the whole "The Ultimat Incantation" alive !!!!
In the meantime the next VADER album is being created. We already booked studio for Nov./Dec. 2013... A few upcoming titles? Why not!!! "Abandon All Hope" ,"Bring Them To Me" czy "Infernal Poetry". See You Hell \m/
VADER - spring plans revealed!

Welcome Vadermaniax!!! In a month we start the second part of European Back To The Black Tour. This time we head for the South to Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Italy. We will also give a couple of shows in Germany and Denmark. You have a last chance to hear entire classic albums: "Sothis" and "Black to the Blind". The tour includes also several festivals for which we prepared a special concert set! We are also preparing new merch designs and some gadgets. See you there!!!
VADER - Back To The Black Tour 2013 part II

VADER is back home now! First part of "Back To The Black Tour 2013" was a huge success! Extremely high turnout, including several sold out shows, wonderful atmosphere on tour and VADER at their best! We would like to thank the bands participating in this tour: ABORTED, BONDED BY BLOOD and all supports for great shows each night, collaboration and friendship. We also thank Fans for flocking to the clubs and so much fun! But VADER didn't say their last word yet! In April they set for the second part of this tour, yet in different lineup. A special guest of the tour will be MELECHESH! They won't play the whole tour however, check for more details in the tour routing. Apart from regular club shows, VADER will also play several festivals such as Metal Royal Festival in Denmark, Asymmetry Festival in Poland, Neurotic Festival in the Netherlands or Bavarian Battle Spring Fest in Germany. We will soon announce the remaining bands joining the tour. As for the setlist, VADER will still present the entire two cult albums "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis" plus of course their biggest hits. Prepare for over 70-minute metal massacre! Stay VADERized \m/
VADER on tour in April and May!

Second part of "Back To The Black Tour 2013" will start in April and go on till the first week of May. VADER will perform on a series of festivals such as Metal Ride Festival in Nancy (13.04), Asymmetry Festival in Wroclaw (02.05), Neurotic Festival in Tilburg (03.05) and Bavarian Battle Spring Festival in Rosenheim (04.05). Between 13.04 and 28.04 VADER will host a special guest on tour - MELECHESH - and also support bands. We proudly present a tour poster by Costin Chioreanu working with us for a long time now. He's the author of most of Massive Music artworks and the latest VADER designs.
VADER in attack!

The beginning of "Back To The Black Tour 2013" is just tremendous! Despite snow and cold we had full capacity shows in Berlin, Jena and Groningen. Gigs in Essen, Hamburg and Kassel were sold out! It_s an awesome prelude to what_s ahead of us. Each night panzer division VADER takes no prisoners! The new program of entire "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis" albums has met an particularly warm reception. ABORTED raze everything to the ground with their brutal grind death metal and supporting bands brilliantly play the role of warm-ups. We have great fun on tour and the audiences give their best! Next shows ahead, we_ll give more news soon!

"First week of the European part of Back to the Black tour is behind us. During this time we visited clubs in Germany and the Netherlands. The shows emanate tremendous energy and the turnout surprised us all! Essen, Hamburg and Kassel were sold out! Each show is a true massacre! The atmosphere on tour is great and the time spent with our dear friends from ABORTED and BONDED BY BLOOD will stay long in our memories. We have next two weeks of total destruction ahead. We_ll play in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy and the last week is saved for the British Isles. I want to highlight that this tour is fully devoted to refreshing the entire albums of "Sothis" and "Black To The Blind"...but not only! In the mid-April we will set for the second part of Back to the Black tour. We_ll move towards Scandinavian countries, the Balkans and Spain. We_re about to prepare a few surprised for summer festivals. Don_t miss it!!!" - (Piotr _Peter_ Wiwczarek)

Here_s the link to a photo gallery from the show in Essen (19.01) by Joerg Muller from
VADER - Back To The Black Tour 2013 - The final tour details!

Just before Christmas we have a bunch of info about the upcoming tour "Back To The Black Tour 2013" in Europe. The bands: VADER, ABORTED, BONDED BY BLOOD and guest support acts in particular cities: FHOBI, ADIMIRON, BLOODSHOT DAWN and FLAYED DISCIPLE. We've added three more shows: 27.01 Travagliato/Brescia - Circolo Colony (Italy), 01.02 Lausanne - Les Docks (Switzerland) and 04.02 Bristol - The Fleece (UK). The tour starts with the show in Berlin - K17 on 17.01 and goes until 10.02 to Alkmaar - Victorie (the Netherlands). Don't forget that VADER will play both their cult albums "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis" in their entirety! Also ABORTED plan on something special for their fans. Second part of the tour will take place in May and will cover for the most part Eastern Europe, Italy, Spain, Portugal and several festivals. Stay VADERized!
VADER - Back To The Black 2013 in Europe - kick off in mid-January!

The first leg of Back To The Black Tour 2013 starts with a show in Berlin on January 17th. During the tour VADER will play a special set based on classic albums "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis"! There will also appear the biggest hits of the band of course. Peter and company promised over 70 minutes of total death metal massacre each evening. The guest we invited to join the tour are: ABORTED and BONDED BY BLOOD. Part of the tour will be supported by less known bands like FHOBI, ADIMIRON, BLOODSHOT DAWN and FLAYED DISCIPLE. The second leg of the tour will take place in May and will run mainly through Scandinavia and the Baltic region, the Balcans and southern Europe. We invite all VADERmaniacs to our shows!

Just in a week we start the long-awaited tour across Poland: BACK TO THE BLACK!!! Starting on Saturday we begin to rehearse a new setlist with the band in "Rock&Heavy Metal" Academy in Wroclaw. Expect around 70-minute show - or more, if that is your will ;-) We'll be accompanied by a couple of bands, mostly fresh and energetic. There may be a couple of surprises on several shows too.
We prepared brand new t-shirt designs and a few very original gadgets such as tour books, posters or extraordinary hand-made wooden chests from Nepal. We also have a surprise for all devoted VADER fans still having original old t-shirts "Sothis" or "Black to the Blind"! First person in each town that appears in one of these t-shirts will get a free ticket for our show and tour poster with autographs. All Fans, however, will get a chance to sign their albums, take a picture or have a little talk with us right after the show.
Feel free to come!!! (Peter/ VADER)
VADER - Back To The Black Tour 2012

With the angry roar like a lightning I rend the skies and open the abysses of hell! I call upon all hungry for the iron might to stand up for a mortal battle!

18 dates in Poland, 4 dates in Czech Republic, and 1 date in the Slovak lands. Brothers and Sisters! Let "Sothis" and "Black to the Blind" as you never knew them before fire your souls! See you in hell!

Back To The Black Tour 2012
VADER confirms guests on its European tour!

In the mid-January 2013 there starts long-awaited "Back To The Black Tour" in Europe. VADER will give around 30 shows presenting the whole cult albums "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis". You won't miss the bands hits too and a couple of surprises. Peter announces a real high quality death metal strike. The tour will be supported by the guests from Belgium ABORTED and BONDED BY BLOOD from California, USA. ABORTED is one of the leading brutal gore death metal bands. They have quite a lot albums and tours that were a great success. Recently on tour as a direct support for CANNIBAL CORPSE. BONDED BY BLOOD is one of the revelations of the reborning thrash metal. We will announce full line-up and tour schedule soon.
VADER - Back to the Black Tour 2012

We are slowly getting down to work on the last details of the upcoming VADER tour. Here's the bunch of news. We confirm supporting bands: VEDONIST, HYPNOS, NORTHERN PLAGUE, DUST'N'BRUSH and ADIMIRON. Each band will play a couple of shows during the tour. The details are to be found under the bands' names on our poster, you can also look for info on their websites and our information channels. Now the tickets. We set a price of 40 PLN both in presale and on the day of the shows. Because most of the venues are pretty small, the ticket sale is limited! You can buy the tickets starting next week. We will announce a list of stores in which to buy them. There also changed a couple of venues and dates. On 01.12 we play in Inferno Club in Koszalin; 05.12 - K60 Club, Opole and on 20.12 - G2 Club, Radom. A complete tour schedule to be found on our website. We'd like to remind you as well that the tour is bound to be finished by a special show in Progresja (Warsaw). It will be Metal X-mas Eve during which you will see: CETI, FRONTSIDE, LOST SOUL, MASACHIST, VEDONIST, TOTEM, ADIMIRON and one more guest. Ticket price for this event are: 50PLN (presale), 60PLN (day of the show). VADER announced a special concert set, playing all material from "Black to the Blind" and "Sothis". There will also be new T-shirt designs, special gadgets and many more surprises waiting for you! Stay VADERized!

Autumn is here...but winter is getting closer and closer. As you already know, we've been preparing many surprises for this period! After "Glosy z Otchlani (De Profundis 1995-2010)" , VADER will play another tour refreshing two very important albums in the band's career: "Sothis" and "Black to the Blind". We will play all material from these albums in a "raw" version, kept in the style of the 90s. Some of the songs have NEVER been played live, some of them appeared in a concert set only several times. The idea of "Back to the Black" tour is to reach the cities that weren't included in "Blitzkrieg VI" in March this year. We prepared a 70-minute set - like this you will get not only the abovementioned albums but also many other songs from different releases. There will be surprises as well! The set is competely different from the one performed during the March tour. Therefore I invite ALL of you, those present on Blitzkrieg as well!!! We prepared many unique gadgets available only on this tour. There will be vinyl versions of "Sothis" and "Black to the Blind" released in a very limited number by Night Of The Vinyl Dead Rec. It's the first release of this kind. The albums will be remastered and released with a comprehensive History Book reminding the old times, the band and people connected with it vs the year 2012. We prepared a tour book with VADER pictures promoting "Welcome to the Morbid Reich" as well. There will also be t-shirts, hoodies, re-editions of designs from the 90s and...something completely new: handmade Morbid Reich chest from...Tibet!!! And many more. We want these shows, organised for the Maniacs of old good times, to leave an unforgettable impression on all of you! The stars are shining with the bloody light and turn into the Darkness... The winter is coming!!! Await us \m/ - Peter & Vader
Vader - Back To The Black Tour 2012!

It's time for Polish shows! Long awaited "Back To The Black" tour is confirmed and we'll start promotion soon. With great pleasure we present almost all cities VADER will visit with new concert set prepared by the General & co. As Peter announced, full material from the cult "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis" will be played during the tour. On top of that, you can also expect the biggest hits of the band. Get ready for 75-minute show! We start on November 28th with a show in Kwidzyn. VADER will give 18 gigs in Poland, 4 in the Czech Republic and one in Slovakia. We invited special guests to jazz up the tour. Their names and places where they will perform will be revealed in the nearest future. More about the shows, tickets distribution and other organisational details soon. Nevertheless, we can confirm that the tour will be ended in Progresja Club in Warsaw during Metal Christmas Eve. It will be a small festival, bands meeting and a real winter feast. We plan to invite 6-7 Polish bands to take part in this event. Check our website for their names soon. Stay VADERized! \m/
Vader - Back To The Black Tour 2012!

There will be massive bloodshed in Polish cities!!! Back to the Black - a concert tour of old good VADER! We prepared 20 shows starting with November 28th, ending with December 22nd. We'll visit cities and towns that luckily escaped the Blitzkrieg invasion. Most probably: Kwidzyn/ Grudzi±dz/ Elbl±g/ Gdynia/ Słupsk/ Koszalin/ Szczecin/ Piła/ Zielona Góra/ Ostrów Wlkp/ Sosnowiec/ Gliwice/ Bielsko-Biała/ Ozimek/ Legnica/ Wałbrzych/ Częstochowa/ Skarżysko/ Sandomierz/ Krosno/ Zamo¶ć/ Czarna Białostocka and others (any suggestions?) We're arranging the details now. Await the General and his panzer division!!!
More info soon. \m/
Vader - Back To The Black Tour 2013!

Early in 2013 panzer division VADER will commence the conquest of Europe with their new concert tour "Back To The Black Tour 2013". It will be the first headlining tour of VADER promoting their latest album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" (Nuclear Blast). The highlight of this tour will be a special set prepared for this occassion. The band will play all songs from the cult albums "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis"! The set will cater to both old school metalmaniacs' and younger generations' tastes. The tour will last from the beginning of January to February. We are currently on the point of making decision about supporting bands that will join the line-up. More details soon!
VADER head out on a tour in Poland!

Yet in December we are planning a "Back to the Black Tour 2012", i.e. a series of shows in Polish cities not included in the regular "Blitzkrieg" tour. Peter announced that he will put complete albums of "Black to the Blind" and "Sothis" on the set list. Plus of course the biggest hits. Each set is to be around 70 minutes long. The tour will be supported by guests, we will reveal the details soon. "Back to the Black Tour" will start at the beginning of December and will go till Christmas. VADER will also visit the Czech Republic. We plan to invade Europe with the same new set list in January 2013. Stay VADERized!
VaderManiax !!!!!

Summer and Festival season is almost over. Concert on "Fist Full of Metal" in Germany crowns the promotion of the album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" on european continent. With VADER's last record we're gonna move yet to Australia/New Zealand (at the end of October), China, Taiwan and - again - South America (in November) and finaly to USA early Spring 2013. Before we'll start working on next record (under the title "Streight To Hell") we're gonna remind VADER's 3rd album "Black To The Blind" from 1997 as a whole!!! The tour named BACK TO THE BLACK will include - besides mentioned record- quite many different songs from variety of albums on 70 min. long set. We start in December in Poland and Czech Rep.. At the beginning of 2013 we will tour with same set on Western Europe, Scandinavia and baltic Lands too. More details soon !!!! Stay in tune... (Peter/ VADER)
Vader in Finland - August plans confirmed!

After a very successful tour in South America and remarkable shows during festivals: Ragnarock (20.07) and Queens of Metal (21.07), it is the time for August fests. On August 3rd VADER will perform at Sticky Fingers Festival in Markredwitz (Germany) as a headliner. On August 10th they will play at Finnish Jalometalli Festival in Oulu. It's going to be hot summer!
Stay Vaderized! \m/
Vader - Summer shows...and plans for the rest of 2012!

Tomorrow VADER will start their overseas journey to South America. They will visit Columbia, Venezuela, Peru and Argentina. We plan a second leg of the tour at the end of 2012. Due to their performance at the Metalfest Open Airs in May, VADER will not be seen on most of the major summer festivals. Nevertheless, we have confirmed Ragnarock Open Air (20.08), Queens of Metal (21.08) and Fist Full of Metal (01.09). In November VADER will go to China for their first tournee in this country. We are working on their come-back to USA and Canada. There will also be a European tour at the beginning of 2013 with VADER as a headliner.


There was a lot going on during the past months and much more is to come soon! We have just accomplished great and long-awaited tour in Russia/Belarussia organised by Flaming Arts Agency for their 10th anniversary. We also had pleasure to give a couple of shows with our colleagues from Behemoth during Metalfests in Europe. For the first time Metalfest was organised in Poland as well - and we were there too! Last week we played a good show in Goteborg on Metal Town festival (with among all Marilyn Manson, Slayer and Hypocrisy). In a week we are heading to Mexico and South America where, for the first time, we will play in Peru and Argentina. During holidays we are performing on a couple of festivals in Germany (Queens of Metal, Ragnarock and Fist Full of Metal) and in Prague (by the way, confratulations to their wonderful footbal team, bravo!!!). Massive Music prepares the promised tour in Poland as well, where we intend to remind you all "Black To The Blind" and "Sothis". Both albums, for the first time available in a vinyl format, as well as other special gadgets will be available during this tour. Stay Vaderized!!! \m/ \m/
VADER - Long-awaited festivals next week!

Next week VADER will set off for a series of festivals under a common name Metalfests 2012 organised by Rock The Nation. The authors of "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" will perform in this line-up during summer festivals for the first time. They will play 8 fests and 1 club show in Hungary. We invite all VADERmaniax for the 100% death metal feast in the new line-up and brand new set! Mining am Inn, Dessau, Jaworzno, Budapest, Zadar, Milan, Pratteln, Loreley, Plzen! It's time to start a summer campaign, it's time for VADER! Stay VADERized!
Vader - more dates in South America

In June VADER will fly to South America for a series of shows. We already announced their performance at Rock AL Parque festival on June 30th. A few more dates have been added though:

June 28 - Mexico/ Venue: Lobby Circo Volador
June 30 - Bogota/ Venue: Rock al parque
July 3- Caracas/ Venue: Centro de Convenciones del Centro Comercial Citimarket en Caracas
July 5 - Lima/ Venue: Etnias bar cultural
July 7 - Buenos Aires/ Venue: Salon Reducci

For more information please follow to:
Vader will conquer The Great Wall of China!!!

VADER continue on their never-ending conquest. This time they are going to hit China! The band will give 3 shows for their Fans in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan. It_s their first visit to this country, not to the continent though. Currently VADER is on the tour in Russia, last year they played in Nepal and, once again, in Japan.

Wow!! We are so fucking stoked about playing in this beautiful country! My friends in Xerath who toured in China earlier this year tell me that the fans are hungry for extreme metal and I for one am willing to put that to the test. I challenge all Vadermaniax in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan to come and show us what you're made of! The Morbid Reich is coming..." - /James/

A detailed tour schedule below:

Nov 9th Mao Livehouse /Shanghai
Nov 10th Tango Livehouse /Beijing
Nov 11th Legacy Taipei Livehouse /Taiwan
VADER in Bogota, Colombia!

VADER is proud to announce their first appearance in Rock al Parque festival in Bogota, Colombia as a headliner. We will come in a new line-up (Peter - voc., Hal - bass, Spider - guitars, James - drums) to promote our newest album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". It is possible that new shows will be added too!

We invite all our fans and metalheads to join us: June 30th, Parque Simon Bolivar!!!

More details on:

Only 3 weeks remain till Blitzkrieg VI !!! We can't wait to play our new live set and album to you. We prepared a couple of surprises for you after this long break we had. Apart from "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" which will be presented in a premiere form, we will also remind you some old hits from 80s and 90s. Of course there will be place for classics too! We are preparing around 90-minute show: 24-25 tracks!!! There will be guest performances on tour as well. You will see VADER you haven't seen for years!!! Be ready for many gadgets available on Blitzkrieg VI only! We start the tour on March 13th with a show in Poznan. On March 10th I invite you for a special show with Behemoth and Decapitated in Bydgoszcz. Three Polish metal powers on one stage for the first time in the history! The set will contain part of what we've prepared for Blitzkrieg tour. WELCOME TO THE VADER's REICH !

And one more good news for our Fans. In March, FOR THE FIRST TIME there will be available a vinyl version of "Black To The Blind" released by Italian NightOfTheVinylDead. In April we will have "Sothis" released too, for the first time as well. Both albums will be limited releases (just 500 copies) and will be available on our Summer performences. At the end of the Summer we plan a series of special shows in Poland where you will be able to hear both albums alive. Stay Vaderized!!!

AD 2011: recap

With great satisfaction we can note that VADER's latest album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" took a high position in a ranking of the best albums 2011 according to The voting comprised 516 albums, out of which just 20 was top listed and the newest album of Peter & co took 2nd position! "On behalf of the band we would like to thank to all those who voted for "WTTMR"!!! We invite you to listen to this album live during Blitzkrieg VI in March in Poland." (Peter-VADER). The top 20 below. Also, VADER took high place in a summary of a prestigious metal magazine Metal Hammer. You can see it in its newest issue 247 (1/2012).

1. Megadeth "Th1rt3en"
2. Vader "Welcome To The Morbid Reich"
3. Mastodon "The Hunter"
4. Decapitated "Carnival Is Forever"
5. Machine Head "Unto The Locust"
6. Jelonek "Revenge"
7. Opeth "Heritage"
8. Dream Theater "A Dramatic Turn of Events"
9. Anthrax "Worship Music"
10. Coma "Czerwony album"
11. Luxtorpeda "Luxtorpeda"
12. My Riot "sweet_noise"
13. Kat & Roman Kostrzewski "Biało-czarna"
14. Nightwish "Imaginaerum"
15. Azarath "Blasphemers' Maledictions"
16. Septic Flesh "The Great Mass"
17. Trivium "In Waves"
18. Morbid Angel "Illud Divinum Insanus"
19. Kazik na Żywo "Bar La Curva / Plamy na słońcu"
20. Tune "Lucid Moments"
Vader - News on Blitzkrieg VI

First of all we would like to wish you all happy New Metal Year 2012! We hope to meet you on our shows, both in Poland and around the world. We have some news about changes of a few venues. Due to some problems with local authorities we decided to change the venue in Cracov. We will play in Fabryka club and our special guest will be SCEPTIC. The show is organized by United Vision agency. Any information on this gig you will find on and Another change will be applied in Bialystok, we're moving to Hala Weglowa. We are still waiting for a new place in Bydgoszcz owing to problems of a local promoter with local authorities. The show won't take place in Astoria for sure. We will get confirmation soon. The whole tour is not endangered; we're just trying to be one step before still hostile local authorities in some cities. We are preparing some shows in smaller towns as well and we hope to have all set pretty soon. A series of such concerts will take place in the summer season.
3 Polish bands on tour with VADER!

We are glad to present Polish bands that will accompany the Blitzkrieg VI tour. First one will be technical death metal band CALM HATCHERY promoting its newest album "Sacrilege of Humanity" (Selfmadegod Records). Another band to join us is battle-hardened THE SIXPOUNDER. Its vocalist took part in a recent edition of a popular TV talent show "The Voice of Poland" (TVP2). The band will promote its debut album "Going To Hell? Permission Granted". The third band supporting VADER during Blitzkrieg VI is a finalist of another TV show - "Must Be The Music" (Polsat) - ERIS IS MY HOMEGIRL. They are very young but judging by what we could see in TV - they have huge load of energy and vital powers. They are currently working on their debut album. The Polish lineup is completed by Belgian extreme death metal RESISTANCE promoting their upcoming but already well-reviewed album "To Judge and Enslave" (H.M.B. Productions). By the look of this lineup, we are taking a real explosive mixture on board. We hope that you like the bands. And we ourselves are looking forward to the first shows of Polish new blood. See you there! Stay VADERized!
Pure F*cking Metal Awards 2011 _ VADER nominated in two categories!, a metal music website, announced "Pure F*cking Metal Awards 2011" plebiscite. VADER was nominated for award in two categories: the best vocalist of the year 2011 and the best album of 2011. Each person having their account on Facebook can leave a vote. You will find links to corresponding categories below. Of course we encourage you to vote for VADER. Stay VADERized!

The vocalist of 2011:
The album of 2011:
Blitzkrieg VI in March 2012!

We kick off with another edition of Blitzkrieg! This time we play in March. We will visit all major cities in our country and the smaller towns will be conquered in summer season. What's on tour? Most importantly, VADER will present new material in a new set prepared specially for the tour in Poland! Peter & co. promised many surprises. There will also be amazing scenography and well-supplied merch stand where you will find T-shirts, hoodies, CDs and gadgets prepared for this tour.
The sixth edition of Blitzkrieg will also be a chance to present young bands from Poland and one from the West. This time we gamble on the Polish youth and our dear friends from Belgium - RESISTANCE. You will know more about the Polish guests after Christmas. VADER will also give a special show before the tour. On March 10th they will play with BEHEMOTH and DECAPITATED in Hala Astoria in Bydgoszcz. The shows of Blitzkrieg start on March 13th in Poznan. We finish the tour 12 days later in Torun. Feel invited for the Fest...Brothers and Sisters...
GORGOROTH and VADER won't play in Sofia (Bulgaria)!

We are disappointed to inform that the show in Sofia won't take place! Once again, unfortunately, a local promoter Most Of Evil failed our expectations. He proved to be unprofessional and showed no respect whatsoever to us as organizer, bands and Fans in Sofia. Most Of Evil represented by Gani Kurshumov didn't fulfill the contract. Our crew and bands arrived to Sofia according to the plan, covering a distance of hundreds of kilometers from Cluj Napoca in Romania. Sorry to say, it occurred that there was no organizer on the spot, neither any person responsible for the show, nor any food prepared.
After few hours of waiting and phoning, the organizer turned up at the club stating that he had no money to pay for the concert, although the presale was 500 tickets, and that he could pay us next week! It's not the first time that Most Of Evil lowered the salary and asked for delayed payment. So far we had been agreeing on our contracts alterations hoping that similar situations won't happen in the future again. Nevertheless, this time we had to act differently. Most Of Evil still didn't account with us for the September show of SAMAEL / MELECHESH / KEEP OF KALESSIN. Today's few-hour delay, lack of catering and respect for us and the bands made us take a decision of not playing the concert. Thereby we expressed our utter disapproval and disappointment with such behaviour and the lack of professionalism of the promoter. For the time being we lost our trust in Most Of Evil.
We would like to express our deepest apologies to all Fans who showed up for the concert and we hope that you understand our decision. On our part, we promise to organize a similar show with GORGOROTH / VADER and VALKYRJA soon, with another promoter this time. We would like to invite all responsible people who would like to cooperate with us!

Mariusz Kmiolek / Massive Music
Vader - British land conquered!

Vader Commando has already left the British land, leaving only the burning ashes of Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, London, Bristol and Plymouth. The evidence in the case is interrogation of the band's drummer - James, run in The Masque club (Liverpool). The results you can see here. There is also an eyewitness testimony of massacre in the Underworld club in London (see here) and video material from London and Liverpool. Currently, the troops are heading towards the Benelux.

video material by Rachel Whiston
Welcome MetalManiacs!!!

We kick off with another tour, really long and hard one! We will destroy the whole old continent - from Scandinavia through the British Isles to Balkans and Spain. 40 gigs, that sounds like a lot. Keep the track of The Sign of Hell Tour as Massive Music's Commando moves throughout Europe. Read the tour blog written by VADER members!

Tourblog - The Sign Of The Hell Tour 2011
Welcome VaderManiacs!!!

Just a few days ago we returned from the exotic Far East. We had undisputed pleasure of playing a few gigs in Japan and - for the first time in the band's history - in Nepal!!! We've already been several times in Japan and since the memorable show in Tokyo, where we recorded "Live in Japan", we've always had a warm reception. However, what happened there this time went beyond our wildest dreams!!! We gave two shows: first within Extreme Dojo Tour festival and the second one was just our own concert. On both of them venues were filled to capacity with fans hungry for extreme metal! There have never been such shows in Tokyo before! \m/
From the Land of the Rising Sun we flew straight to the capital city of Nepal. Right at the airport we were welcomed by an impressive group of fans with Vader banners! We spent a few days in Kathmandu visiting - thanks to Andy and Bikrant - wonderful places full of Energy and Cult. The show we gave on a sports stadium in the capital got great reception from fans and local press. Over 4000 of watching us people welcomed us almost as kings! JAI NEPAL!!! Memories are still fresh in our minds... And now the time has come for a main course: first presentation of "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" on the good old continent. On Nov 1st in Berlin we kick off the 40-concert tour together woth GORGOROTH!!! See you there!
The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011 - The tour is coming closer!

On November 1st, the Day o the Dead, we start a European tour o GORGOROTH and VADER! It will be one of the most brutal tours at the end of this year! Both bands will play together for the first time, it's going to be one Hell! GORGOROTH are well known for their extreme shows and VADER prepared real feast promoting their newest album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" (Nuclear Blast) which got wonderful reception so far! The tour will host some guest bands as well, i.e. VALKYRJA (Metal Blade revelation) and ADIMIRON - a representative of Italian metal scene. Part of the tour will be joined by THE SICKENING from Norway, VERMIN from Holland, EUFOBIA from Bulgaria and a few other bands playing local gigs. Full schedule and information on bands available on our website.
VADER in Japan and Nepal!

Our death metal commando is currently out on their concert tour in Japan and Nepal!
Today Japan starts its 10th Anniversary Series - Extreme The Dojo Vol.28 within which VADER will give 3 shows in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. They will be joined by WATAIN and WITCHERY. At the end of their stay VADER will play an additional gig in Tokyo without the aforementioned bands. The whole touring schedule in the tourdates section.

"Hail from Nagoya City! We arrived safe and sound. Japan, as always, made a huge impression on us. It seems that this country lives in its own pace but I've already got used to it. For now, we just checked into a hotel and tonight we're in for our first show! It's been some time since our last visit to Japan and the series of concerts within Extreme The Dojo is going to be promising as Hell! We will share a stage with WATAIN for the first time and I'll watch with pleasure guys from WITCHERY. Our crew is fine. Young soldiers: Halik, Marek and James can't wait for the show but also for hanging out in the city, sighsteeing and trying some local food! We all wait to blast off VADER's cannons!" (Peter/VADER)

After shows in Japan the band will make their way to Nepal! Yes, exactly, to Himalayas! It's their first visit in this corner of the world. The show itself is going to be interesting not only due to the height but also because it will be a first such show in this place since many years! VADER will play a gig on Silence Festival in Jawalakhel / Lalitpur in Nepal. The band will headline the festival which will also include concerts of local bands.

"Just mind-blowing! Never did I expect that we'll get a chance to present our dark music in such a place! I just can't believe it right now, I have to land there to see it's true! A promoter of the show invited us to stay for a couple of days to get accustomed to the immense height. We will do our best to adjust our bodies to Himalaya's altitude. Fortunately, we don't have to climb the highest peak to give the show (laugh)! We are to perform on a football pitch, I'm really curious what it will be like. All we're in for is a great unknown for us, including music equipment, local customs and the way we will feel. But we've already played in Syberia, we'll cope with Nepal! Stay VADERized! More about this excursion soon!" (Peter/VADER)
The final stroke before the tour!

"The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011" with GORGOROTH, VADER, VALKYRJA and their guests is getting closer! We start the tour with a show in Berlin on November 1st and visit Rostock the on next day. The following shows go as previously announced. There was a change of club in Goteborg - we will play in Parken instead of Musiken Hus. There are also some new shows added to the schedule - we give a show in Plymouth (UK) and Hengelo (the Netherlands). We will also visit Prague (the Czech Republic), Kosice (Slovakia), Skopje (Macedonia) and Novi Sad (Serbia). Unfortunately, we won't play in Budapest and Grenoble. Soon we will provide you with the names of bands supporting the main line-up of our tour. During "The Sign Of Hell Tour 2011" the bands will promote their newest albums: GORGOROTH's "Under The Sign Of Hell", VADER's great received "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" (Nuclear Blast) and VALKYRJA's "Contamination" (Metal Blade)!
Vader - new album trailer online!

On July 22th, at 1:00 a.m., the Polish death metal legend VADER uploaded their first trailer for the upcoming masterpiece "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". Band-Mastermind Peter is talking about the recording and the cover artwork of this new record. The LP's trailer can be watched here.

The first feedback from press on "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" has also been simply great:
"Vader are the kind of band that simply can't put out a bad album" - Olivier 'Zoltar' Badin, Terrorizer (UK)

"How more morbid can a band be? Fast, aggressive, sick metal, from the depths of hell. The Polish deathsters once again take no prisoners" - Sakis Fragos, ROCK HARD Greece

"Impressive and devastating extreme metal with the unique voice of Peter over all... blasting!" - Ivan Gaudenzi, Metal Maniac Magazine Italy

"Welcome To The Morbid Reich" klingt so, wie ein VADER-Album klingen muss - aber doch wieder ein bisschen anders, als seine Vorgänger: Nicht experimentell, nicht grundlegend anders, einfach nur schnell, geil, fett - und nach VADER." - Stephan Möller,

You will be holding in your hands "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" on August 12th. It was recorded in Hertz Studio in Bialystok. In the spring 2011 the band was left by the bass player Tomasz "Reyash" Rejek and the drummer Paweł "Paul" Jaroszewicz. Their places were took over by Hal (known from Dead Infection, Hermh, Abused Majesty) and a first foreigner in Vader's line-up - 21-year-old Englishman James Stewart (ex-Divine Chaos). However, the drums for the album were still recorded by Paul. The coverart was made by Zbigniew Bielak.

"Ultima Thule"
"Return To The Morbid Reich"
"The Black Eye"
"Come And See My Sacrifice"
"Only Hell Knows"
"I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul"
"Don't Rip The Beast's Heart Out"
"I Had A Dream?"
"Lord Of Thorns"
"Decapitated Saints"
"They Are Coming"
"Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel"

Bonus Tracks:
"Raping The Earth"
"Troops Of Tomorrow"

"Come And See My Sacrifice" pre-premiere!

One of the songs promoting the newest VADER album is ready for download. Nuclear Blast shares the song on their website, see link below. "Come And See My Sacrifice" can also be seen on - a link to the video taken on a show in the Netherlands below. Keep in mind that the new VADER's album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" will come out on August 12th and will be promoted during two summer festivals: Summer Breeze and Brutal Assault. Peter & co., however, don't promise to play the whole new material, just 1 or 2 premier songs. The majority of the album you will hear during a tour held at the end of this year with GORGOROTH and VALKYRJA as supports.
VADER: The day of premiere is coming up fast!!!!

Nuclear Blast is preparing one song from "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" for streaming for 15. July. On 22.July 1st trailer will be available on You Tube and Track by Track Commentary on 29.July. Next trailer is planed for 5. August-a week before official premiere in Europe.
VADER: Summer Campaign part 2

VADER panzermachine doesn't slow down! Another summer shows and festivals are confirmed. Death metal veterans will take part in a few prestigous festovals such as Metal Hammer Festival (Poland), Summer Breeze (Germany), Brutal Assault (the Czech Republic), Close-Up Baten (Sweden) and many more. According to tradition, the band will also give a couple of shows in smaller towns in Poland; among them are: Opole, Turek or Pabianice. Detailed running order of Summer Campaign part 2 you will find in the concert section. We also plan gigs in Japan, Asia and Nepal in October. Then a European tour. This year you won't see VADER on the regular longer tour in Poland - you'll have to wait till 2012!
GORGOROTH and VADER together on tour!

"The Sign of Hell Tour 2011" is a joint project of two main bands in black and death metal! Unholy GORGOROTH and uncompromising VADER will join their powers and will go on a massive concert tour involving over 45 shows! The bands will set off at the end of October and come back right before X-mas. Such a long and immense tour hasn't been seen in Europe so far - all fans of GORGOROTH and VADER should start preparing for a magnificent feast! It is a completely one-off occasion as both bands will promote their newest albums and they've already announced new concert sets. GORGOROTH will play some of their material from "Under The Sign Of Hell" released by Regain Records and VADER will present the new songs from "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" released by Nuclear Blast. The tour will be joined by additional 2 or 3 bands. More information on this event soon!
Vader - before release!

The works on the newest album are finished. We proudly present to you a cover artwork for Vader's masterpiece "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". Here are a few words from the cover's author, Zbigniew Bielak (artworks for Watain or Destroyer 666 to name just a few):
"To follow closely on Lars von Trier's spectacular nazi gaffe in Cannes, I'd say that the new Vader cover artwork gives a subtle hint of what would happen if the good old Cthulhu would be contracted to erect a pyramid for Thule... Well, who knows what they were really doing in subterranean galleries of Harz? One thing is certain - propelled by the spirit of most Ancient Ones, Vader indeed stand tall as death metal's Wunderwaffe, and I hope the cover fits well in their armory of morbid imagination!"

The album will be released in Europe on August 13th by Nuclear Blast Records. Street date for USA is expected to be September 13th.

Below you will find a complete tracklist of the album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich":
1. "Ultima Thule"
2. "Return To The Morbid Reich"
3. "The Black Eye"
4. "Come And See My Sacrifice"
5. "Only Hell Knows"
6. "I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul"
7. "Don't Rip The Beast's Heart Out"
8. "I Had A Dream..."
9. "Lord Of Thorns"
10. "Decapitated Saints"
11. "They Are Coming..."
12. "Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel".

You can also listen to one of the tracks from the upcoming album in live version. The track comes from the band's show in Leiden (the Netherlands) given within the "Summer Campaign 2011" tour. "Come And See My Sacrifice" live to be seen: here
Vader - Live in Israel

Raven Music in Association with Massive Music Proudly Presents:
VADER - LIVE IN ISRAEL - August 26th 2011.

Polish Death Metal Commando VADER will play a show in Tel Aviv in August 26th 2011 in Sublime Club. VADER will be supported by local Death Metallers Eternal Gray (who's new album coming in October through Season Of Mist), Spawn Of Evil, and Phantom Pain.

The event, titled SUMMER DEATH IN ISRAEL is VADER's second coming to the holy land after a successful show in 2002, VADER will play tunes from all the band's albums and will of course headline the night.

Stated Promoter Yishai Swearts of Raven Music:
"When I first heard VADER's demo tape, many many years ago, I knew that the band will grow to be one the main forces in extreme metal, I follow the band since the beginning and with fantastic albums as "Litany" "Black To The Blind" "De Profundis" etc they became what I knew they will - A Top Death Metal act, without betraying the style, without lose faith, always stick to their guns.
It was VADER latest album "Necropolis" that finally moved me to invite the band again to Israel, to play for the many extreme metal fans who are looking forward to bang heads to the massive VADER artillery.

I am proud to invite and promote a band with agenda, with an honest belief, and well respected roots, I am sure both the Israeli fans, and VADER will have a night to remember !"

Ticket sales start on June 9th via
Vader: studio report #6

Welcome Vadermaniax!!!!!
There is a link leading to the last studio episode about recording of "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" available below. Wojtek and Slawek Wieslawski close up Their work as producers. We are gonna put one new song in demo version on Vader's site soon. You will be informed about all song titles and premiere date too. Welcome to the world of "Morbid Reich"...again \m/

Video studio report #6 here
Vader: studio report #5

Welcome again!!!!

Below you will find a link to 5th episode from Vader's recording session. This time we were working on vocals all the time. The whole album is in 100% done now!!! More detailed info about "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" soon. There is 6th studio episode about mix and master coming up too.
Welcome to the World of Morbid Reich!!!!!!

Video studio report #5 here
Vader: studio report #4


Below you can find a link to the fourth part of Vader's studio report. Main theme is recording the parts of bass for our new album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". In around one weeks' time a report #5 will be ready. Wieslawski Brothers will show you around the world of mixing and the album production. Our label, Nuclear Blast, will get the whole material till the end of May. Since then we will start a countdown to the album's first release date... Also in May we will try to put on our site a pre-release demo version of one of the songs (available only on Vader and Nuclear Blast websites). During this time we will try to make you more familiar with the process of the album creation - through a series of short interviews with people involved in the album's production. So drop by here more often!!!
Cheers \m/


Video studio report #4 here
Vader: studio report #3

The process of creation "Welcome To The Morbid Reich" has run smoothly so far and according to the plan. The report presents the next step in work on Vader's new album. Below you can read a few sentences from Pajak about his impressions on the work progress in the studio. The fourth part of the report next week! \m/

"A few days ago my first visit to Hertz Studio came to an end. The works went quite undisturbed. I recorded my three songs plus the solo parts. I also managed to record the solo parts for Peter's tracks and some guitar parts to the bonus songs. Currently we're working on the remaining tracks and get down to recording the bass parts. So far I'm quite pleased with the results of work. I really like the initial sounding of instruments and I know that it's only the beginning. Wieslawcy Bros are doing a marvellous job. They can also be very motivating and suggesting interesting solutions sometimes. We're about to finish the rest of the material soon. Then Peter will record his vocal parts and the beginning of May is the time for mixes and mastering. Houk!"

/Pajak "Spider"/

Video studio report #3 here
Vader: studio report #2

Hi again!!!!!
There is next video report available below. This time You'll know "Spider's" way of work in studio. You will follow recording progress next week... Welcome to the Morbid Reich!!!!
Peter (Vader)

Video studio report #2 here
Vader: studio report #1 - the drum session

Last week we ended the drums recording session for the newest album. Below are Pawel's personal impressions:

"Just the day before yesterday we finished recording drums for the new Vader's album - "Welcome to the Morbid Reich". Our revisit in the Hertz Studio proceeded undisturbed and once again brothers Wieslawski proved to be professionals to the core.
We started our session showing up in the studio on March 14th, at 9 p.m. after a few hours' drive on our perfect Polish roads with a trailer full of gear - I really recommend it! J This day we only managed to do the load-in and hit the sack - as we were dead on our feet. The real session started the next day with setting up the drums, changing the skins, placing microphones and tuning the drums.Then, together with Slawek and Wojtek, we were adjusting the sound looking for "this is it" in each element of the set. It lasted for the whole day and a half but it was definitely worth it. The sound of the drums just kicks asses! For the next few days the schedule of work was practically the same - breakfast, setting the recording plan for the day, preparing a pilot for the drums, recording, monitoring plus corrections if needed, recording, supper and going to bed J We also went for some sightseeing with Bartek Krysiuk from Hermh - who knows this guy, knows what followed.
For 7 days we recorded 9 new songs, 2 covers and a remake of veeeeeery old Vader's track. The results of our work will be available probably in August. For now, look forward to the studio reports and the pictures from the further recording of "WTTMR".
Quite recently I've also become the official endorser of Paiste's cymbals. These are definitely the best sounding cymbals on the marketand they were my wildest dream since I started to play the drums. I'm proud that now I can join thePaiste family. Of course you will hear them on the newest Vader album."

Video studio report #1 - the drum session is here
Changes and the new opening!

New musicians, some changes and, hopefully, new great news - hence the new opening in the band. The beginning of the year was marked with Peter's decision about line-up reshuffle - he thanked Reyash for two-years' cooperation. The band and Reyash parted their ways because the latter recently failed on many fields. The main reason for this news is also his statement about reasons for leaving the band which are not true. Here's Peter's explanation on the situation:

"Hail to all Vadermaniax!!! I decided to write this - a little bit untimely - news to correct Reyash's official stance on leaving the band on Blabbermouth. I decided to thank Reyash for over two-year's cooperation in January 2011 and it was solely my decision. The decision was made on his recent behaviour only and definitely not due to his "personal reasons". Reyash is a great mate BUT this isn't enough to be the part of VADER.
What's funny is that my expectations are really not that high as it might seem from the personal changes in the band throughout the recent years. VADER is appreciated by YOU just because of us keeping the style, sincerity and quality REGARDLESS the so-called public opinion. Reyash knew that he was to play till the end of the season (promotion of "Necropolis") and his staying in the band depended exclusively on his work during the past two years. I can't understand his trying to give a good account of himself in this situation, the more so because it is insincere.
Nevertheless, me and all people contributing to the presence of VADER Commando wish Reyash success, all the best and satisfaction from his work! One should keep good memories only. We're also glad that after Reyash's official statement appeared, we were contacted by lots of bass players willing to join the band, most of them from abroad. However, the decision about who will replace Tomek was made a few weeks ago. We invited Hal (Hermh, Dead Infection, Abused Majesty). This line-up will be seen on stage since April."

Another change was made behind the drums. Due to family matters Pawel decided to leave the band. He is, however, recording the new album with us and will support VADER on the already settled gigs, festivals and tours in May, June and July. His natural successor became very talented 21-year-old English musician James Stewart playing in DIVINE CHAOS. Under this link ( you can watch him in action when recording the album for his band. James will join VADER in summer season, we don't know yet since which concert.

The choice was obvious, we know James from one of the VADER tours, his band supported us on several gigs. We gave him an assignment to do; he prepared some tracks, presented them on the video and became the new member of our crew! So simple, isn't it? He's a very young, talented and disciplined musician. He belongs to the new wave artists - ambitious, exquisite in their technique, keeping track of the technical novelties. At the same time he's a nice guy, drinking his tea with milk (brrrr!) and craving for success. I believe in this guy! (Mariusz Kmiołek - Massive Music Management)
Summer Campaign 2011

Polish death metal masters are currently in the studio recording their new album. But this doesn't hinder them from preparing for summer gigs. VADER will be seen on the series of prestigious festivals within "Summer Campaign 2011", such as Hellfest, Summer Breeze, Festival Metal GDL, Death Fest Open Air, Vlamrock, Metal Hammer Festival, Carnage Tour with SLAYER and MEGADETH or Brutal Assault. Apart from that, many other smaller festivals and several club concerts are planned.
And it's only the first part of the campaign! Soon we will provide you with the list of August concerts, mainly in Poland. It's a gift for VADER's Polish fans living in smaller towns and the continuation of the previous year's tournee "Głosy z Otchłani (De Profundis 1995-2010)". The club gigs will be featured by the Brazilian commando KRISIUN (10.06-26.06) and two supporting bands - RESISTANCE and ESSENCE.
Check our website for more details.
Welcome !!!

This Monday we started new recordings in Hertz Studios in Bialystok. We spent the whole afternoon being setting up drum kit, testing new skins and cymbals. There was also time to familiarize with new architecture of lately much rebuilded studio. Tuesday March 15. is Day One in production of "WTTMR". We plan to record 9-10 fresh songs and 3 bonus pieces: redux of one old Vader classic (which is gonna be added to refreshed life set for Summer) and 2 cover songs (those will be kinda surprise for many for sure...). Spider also prepared few songs for the record and this will be His debut in Vader as a composer. There will be several studio raports available soon. The first episode should be ready by the end of March. You will be informed about the progress of the album. Welcome to the new world of the Morbid Reich !!!!
VADER will perform with SLAYER and MEGADETH

Massive Music and Live Nation are glad to inform that during the Polish concert within "European Carnage Tour 2011" SLAYER and MEGADETH will be supported by...VADER! The show will be held on April 11 in Atlas Arena in Lodz. After the outstanding success of SLAYER and MEGADETH on Sonisphere Festival 2010 in Warsaw they decided to go on a tour together! SLAYER and MEGADETH smashed the Warsaw audience in 2010 giving the show for over 80.000 people. Their fans left the concert with a hunger for more. So what is the best news for them? SLAYER and MEGADETH will play together in April in Atlas Arena (Lodz)! We will be represented by our native VADER. Get a move on and buy the tickets - they're going to go like hot cakes! Tickets at the cost of 154, 176 and 209 PLN available on and in shops.
VADER on Metal Hammer Festival!

Another edition of Metal Hammer Festival will take place on August 10th in Spodek (Katowice). The headliner of this event will be Judas Priest which will appear in Poland for the first and sadly for the last time in its classic line-up. There will turn up many special guests as well. We would proudly like to inform that one of them will be VADER! The band has been waiting for such a concert for 25 years! More information on the show are available on
More news on summer plans will follow soon.
Summer Campaign 2011!

Just at the beginning of June VADER will start their summer concert season! The band will be shortly after recording their new album (May, 2011) and they promised they will present 1-2 new tracks on stage. "Summer Campaign 2011" will cover summer festivals and club gigs. We're on the point of discussing the details with promoters and the full schedule will be known soon. Few great festivals in Europe and Poland are already confirmed. The band will also visit a couple of smaller towns in Poland, some of them for the first time! We plan on going to Israel as well. Many surprises are waiting for you! The June part of VADER tour will be joined by KRISIUN as a special guest! More details on "Summer Campaign 2011" soon.
Time for new album!

The band is about to prepare for recording of their newest studio album "Welcome To The Morbid Reich". Recording will take place in Hertz Studio again (Bialystok - Polska) from March 15th to April 10th, 2011. Mix and mastering in May, 2011. As Peter announced, he plans to record 10-11 tracks plus 2 bonuses for special editions of the album. As usual, you will have a chance to track the process of recording the album in a special studio report on the band's website. The new album will be followed by a new photo session and a video clip. The band will make the decision on whom to work with at the end of March. "For a long time I've been thinking about new tracks and the album concept; more and more things start to be clear. For the most part I'd like Spider (Marek Pajak - guitars) to take part in the process of album creation. I also have in mind relating to the good old times with a new layout for the album. I met with Zbyszek Bielak, a very talented artist, who will design the new layout, merchandise and scenic elements. Zbyszek has already worked with such bands as Watain, Absu, Behemoth... The new album will mainly focus on the Morbid Reich feeling combined with brutal riffs and tempo of the previous albums. We also have a surprise for our devoted fans, we're going to come back to our old logo." (Peter-VADER)

Draft titles of a few tracks: "Lords of Thorns", "I Am Who Feast Upon Your Souls", "Only Hell Knows", "Return to the Morbid Reich", "I Had A Dream". We will have a chance to listen to 1 or 2 tracks on VADER concerts and summer festivals, as Peter announced. This year's Blitzkrieg will start a bit later, probably in October and VADER will play a completely new set!


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