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Go To Hell!!!
Go To Hell!!!
Interview for Whiskey Soda TV
German alternative music magazine Whiskey Soda TV conducted an interview with VADER's mainman Peter prior to the band's September 24, 2009 concert in Berlin, Germany. Watch the 20-minute chat (in English) under this link.
VADER to appear on OVERKILL's Killfest 2010!
On April 1st VADER kicks off "Killfest 2010" together with OVERKILL (headliner), GOD DETHRONED, WARBRINGER, EVILE and support acts. That's gonna be a special XXV- Anniversary tour of these living thrash metal legends! VADER will appear on it as the main support. American maniacs shouldn't miss the second opportunity to catch the band on stage promoting new full length album "Necropolis" (Nuclear Blast). The tour schedule can be found here. In other news, as you might know some time ago Vogg has reformed DECAPITATED officially, so during the upcoming "Killfest Tour" VADER will be supported by a session US guitarist. If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact the band on In January panzerbrigade appears on a "Funeral Nation Tour 2010" together with MARDUK. In the end of February VADER kicks off a tour in the UK consisted of 10 gigs. The band will also play some single shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and probably Denmark. During the all upcoming European dates Marek Paj±k known from a Polish band ESQARIAL will play the second guitar.
Interview for Canadian Hard Times
Canadian webmagazine conducted an interview with VADER's guitarist/ vocalist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek when the band played in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on November 8, 2009 taking the next step on Monsters Of Death Tour. You can watch the chat under this link .
VADER in Milwaukee: free Internet concert stream!
Thanx to web streaming technology soon you'll get the opportunity to watch VADER's devastating show in Milwaukee as simple as you watch television! Here are the details for the upcoming free live stream:

Saturday, November 14, 2009


4pm Pacific / 5pm Mountain / 6pm Central / 7pm Eastern

Vader, Decrepit Birth, The Amenta, Warbringer, Swashbuckle, Augury

1) Click on this link:
2) Click on the 'Free Signup' button at the upper right of the page
3) Choose the 'Fan' option and fill out the information
4) Sign in on November 14th and click on the 'Live Webcast' tab and you're all set!
VADER to appear on the 2nd part of Funeral Nation tour
On January 7 VADER together with their blood brothers from MARDUK kick off the second part of the European tournee called "Funeral Nation Tour 2010". The tour will cover Eastern and Southern Europe, mostly the Balkans. It lasts till January 23 and ends with a show in Koeln @ Underground. During the tour MARDUK and VADER will be supported by MASTIC SCUM and SINATE. The tour schedule can be found in the tourdates section.
Funeral Nation Tour: Peter checks in from the road!
Welcome all Vadermaniax!!!!! Funeral Nation Tour 2009 in Europe is coming to its end...Awesome time, that we have spent with our Friends from The Ordher, Fleshgod Apocalypse and veterans from Marduk is gone so incredible fast. As always-professional work of Massive Music, hard work of our Team and powerful shows left so many unforgotten memories in our hearts....and hunger for more! We can inform You already, that we'll continue this "Blitzkrieg" with Marduk in January in South part of Europe-also in some countries, we couldn't play this year.More details are coming up soon! On the Tour we were trying to play songs from our last album "Necropolis" mixed with some older, "classical" Vader tunes. Of course, it was not possible to play as much as we wanted having just an hour to play (or even less sometimes...). In 2010 we're gonna configure live set , so all those Die Hard Vader Maniax should be enough satisfied as well. On 2nd November but we fly to US continent to tour again and we'll stay over there til mid of December. I'll keep trying -of course - to inform You all about progress of "Monsters of Death" US Tour. See You in Hell !!!!! \m/ (Peter)
Good news from the US!
VADER's brand new full length album is going very well in the States. "Necropolis" sold around 1,130 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (Note: Internet/digital sales **ARE** included in the SoundScan totals.) The CD landed at position No. 19 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. In other categories, the album got the 10th position in "Current Hard Music Albums Core Stores", #76 in Indy/Small Chain Core Stores and #84 in "Top Hard Music Albums". It's a good result for the band that actually has never been promoted in the States. "Necropolis" landed at position 5 in Polish OLiS (best selling albums). More sales results will follow soon.

In other news, in the beginning of November VADER kicks off "Masters Of Death Tour 2009" covering the States and Canada. The band will be teaming up with such acts as Decrepit Birth, Warbringer, The Amenta, Augury and SwashBuckle. The tour will last till mid December. It's gonna be band's first American tour under the wings of new record label Nuclear Blast and booking agency First Row Talent. VADER will return to the US in April, May 2010 to appear on tour with OVERKILL. Another tour in March is currently in the negotiation phase. Panzer division will also invade South America. On January VADER together with MARDUK will destroy the Balkans. More details concerning the upcoming tours on and websites.
"Never Say My Name" videoclip released!
After many weeks of hard work the new VADER's official videoclip for "Never Say My Name" track (taken from "Necropolis" album) is finally ready to unleash. Inspired by Patrick Graham's bestselling book "L'Évangile Selon Satan" (translation: "The Gospel According to Satan"), the clip tells an alternate story of the death of a messiah who curses humanity before his death on the cross and chooses life in Hell instead of Heaven. Perhaps because of its "controversial" title and content, this book is not available in the U.S. in English, but a French version can be ordered from Canada. The clip was produced by Polish Inbornmedia company, who did our two previous videoclips "Helleluyah" and "The Witcher". Special thanx should go to the clip's directors: Maciej Pawełczyk and Radek Wikiera and cameraman Jakub Jakielaszek. We would also say thanx and hello to Infanterie Regiment Nr 52 for a great whipping scenes, very professional crucifixion as well as the other people who were involved in making that clip. Three longs days of hard work and a few weeks of editing, post-processing... but it was worth! The result is amazing!
VADER to invade Europe!
After a great success of Polish Blitzkrieg 5 Tour, panzer division VADER starts another part of promotional campaign of band's brand new album "Necropolis". On September 24 in Berlin the band will kick off the European tour with MARDUK (headliner), FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and THE ORDHER. The tour consisted of 30 shows will last till October 25. This year VADER will also appear on a tour in USA and Canada called "Monsters Of Death". Next year VADER is going to destroy the Balkans, Russia, UK, South America, Australia and Japan. In other news, check out our tour manager's gallery of pics featuring some behind-the-scene shots from recently finished Blitzkrieg 5. Being on a tour means not only stages, decibels and sweat...
Blitzkrieg 5: the tour summary!
This year's Blitzkrieg 5 finally came to the end! The tour went even better than the offensive under the same name sometime in 1939... 15 battles, a lot of fans, amazing shows, good organisation. And of course the bands! Special guest Marduk who did their very best in Poland, both guest acts Chainsaw and Esqarial warming up the fans in so perfect style. And finally VADER- headliners of the tour, still so perfect and merciless in their bloody work! Band's mainman Peter checks in: "The show in Toruń on 13th September crowned Polish part of VADER's Blitzkrieg Tour 2009. We were playing with Marduk (and supporting Esqarial,Chainsaw and Lost Soul) in 15 cities of Poland. VADER and Massive Music would like to thank all those, who has spent great time with us on this braincrashing tournee!!! In the season between April and mid September we organized a number of shows in our country-also in smaller, not often visited cities. Next BLitz in two years...However, we plan to continue to play concerts in some places, which we missed in 2009. And in a week we continue Blitzkrieg in West Europe. THANX one more time and SEE YOU SOON!!!!! Poland should be proud having so dedicated Metal Heads indeed!!!!! \m/ " (Peter - VADER).

"Massive Music would like to thanx to all the bands who took part in the tour, especially for great shows they all played every night and total dedication. We would also like to thanx to our roadcrew (Marek, Wacek, January, Kuba, Darek) for their big effort and everyday hard work (thanx to you everything went so great from a technical side) and the other guys (Darek, Witek, Piotr, our mighty drivers Krzysztof and Darek) for the care, safe transport, catering, merchandise and the other things. Blitzkrieg 5 went just perfect and it was definitely one of the best tours we took part in recent years!" (Mariusz Kmiołek - Massive Music) .
Video interview with Peter available!
The German edition of Metal Hammer magazine recently conducted a very interesting interview with VADER's guitarist/ vocalist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek. You can watch the footage at this location.
Making of "Never Say My Name" videoclip available!
Today you can watch behind the scenes footage from the making of VADER's new videoclip "Never Say My Name". Over 50 hours of hard work, several dozens of kilometers, dedication and tiredness but also a great fun for everyone who was involved in that clip. That's gonna be a very brutal and surprising video, no doubts! Currently VADER is on the road together with MARDUK, ESQARIAL and CHAINSAW. Hell yeah, Polish Blitzkrieg 5 has just started. First gigs went brilliant. Over 1200 crazy screaming maniacs came to see the band in Olsztyn (where VADER was actually born many years ago) and the gig was nothing but perfect. The tour is going on and we're definitely looking for more! You should also know about 5 songs from the new album that VADER added to their live set. Another great news directly from Nuclear Blast- "Necropolis" entered The German Top 100 Album Charts on position 64!
"Never Say My Name" video trailer available!
Today we are going to present you the official trailer of "Never Say My Name" videoclip. Once again VADER cooperated with Inbornmedia who made our two previous videoclips ("Helleluyah (God Is Dead!)" and "The Witcher"). Band's PzGeneral Peter checks in from... hell:

"We started the video shooting on August 15, at about noon. That day we were in for the Last Supper and the slaughter of the Messiah's followers shots, while during the night we were to take some bluebox and Janus shots. It was quite an unusual date, as the same day in Wroclaw the masses came to see a light-and-water show taking place just 200 meters from the place of our shooting the 'Bible scenes'. Lots of people were wondering "What's being shot here? A new TV series? The Bible stories? ...or maybe a Discovery program?" Despite 12 hours of hard work and constant stage make-up changes we managed to finish before 1 a.m. We went through it without a bloodshed - well, despite the Last Supper scene ...but the blood was a fake ;-) The next day we took the martyr shots and the Romans' armament ones, which were crucial for 'Necropolis'. Sunday. The unbearable heat and another couple of hours in the nearby gravel pit. It wasn't so easy that day... The owner of the place, who at first was eager to rent it to the Inbornmedia crew, found it enough when it came to the crucifixion, burning and the transformation of the Messiah into Janus. My roars and the burying crucifix brought about an immediate response of the security guards. They called the police and we were supposed to leave the gravel pit at once... Fortunately, we managed to 'steal' one more hour before the cops arrived. There only remained ashes. And we, together with the Romans, came back to the hotel at about....2 a.m. And there were still the final scenes left. These we're going to finish on tomorrow....but in a different place."

The premiere of the videoclip coming soon (mid September). Today you should also visit VADER's Myspace page to listen to "Never Say My Name" in audio version and whet your appetite for the forthcoming video. In other news, first reviews of "Necropolis" are just amazing. The second place in German Rock Hard (first position goes to Megadeth and their new album) and the fifth one in German Metal Hammer- it speaks for itself. The album is available in Europe since a two weeks and everything has been going great so far (except for a small delay in Poland). US fans will get "Necropolis" on September 22. There's also a good news for all iPhone owners! There is new App called Nuclear Blast, where You can follow news from this awesome record company. There's a song "Rise Of The Undead" available among the other shows info etc. There is also new VADER site on Twitter available now! Just go to:
Exclusive package deal available!
VADER's new album "Necropolis" will be released in Europe on August 21, 2009 and in North America on September 22, 2009. However, you don't have to wait until release date to order it! Nuclear Blast USA currently has a special at their web shop where anyone is able to purchase either the exclusive SHIRT + CD/DVD DIGI or the SHIRT + CD version. Check it out!
End of summer season, new videoclip!
Summer season comes to an end. This week VADER will play the last series of gigs before band's upcoming regular tournees - Blitzkrieg 5 in Poland and Funeral Nation Tour 2009 in Europe. Recently panzer division appeared on Hunterfest, when VADER shared the stage together with Motorhead and Tarja Turunen. Gallery of pics from the fest is available on our site . Don't forget to visit our Youtube channel and watch some footage from the fest. Band's mainman Peter checks in: Welcome Metal Maniacs!!!! VADER-as You see-is still on the road. Two controvercial but great festivals in Kiev (Ukraine) with SODOM and ARCHENEMY and in Poland (Hunterfest) with MOTORHEAD and TARIJA are already behind us. Now we fly to southern Italy to take a part on Agglutiantion Festiwal and then on Summer Breeze in Germany. Those will be last bigger concerts before upcoming Blitzkrieg V tour. 21st August is an important day for us: premiere of "Necropolis" and a week later debut of new album alive!!! On the tour we plan to play almost whole new album also very early VADER songs from mid 80's, when the band was singing in polish yet. There will be of course bunch of classic "hits" as well. In few days we start also shots for new video clip to the song "Never Say My Name". This is gonna be a miniature inspired by bestseller by Patrick Graham's "EVANGILE SELON SATAN". An alternative death of messiah, who curse humans before his death on the cross and choose Hell instead of Heaven... Premiere in September. See You around ...soon!!!! /Peter

In other news, under this link you can watch a rare archive footage from the first edition of famous Polish metal festival called Metalmania. The footage includes also a short interview with Peter. It's available in Polish language only but definitely worth checking out!
VADER = Warner Music = hellish promotion!
Promotional campaign of VADER's brand new full length album "Necropolis" has just started. Thanx to Warner Music and their outstanding support the band is finally back in Polish media. Our previous album "XXV" released under the wings of Mystic Productions wasn't promoted at all. This time we've got a very strong support from Warner and Beata Raizler. They are working really hard to promote our new album in a best possible way. Dozens of interviews for paper magazines (for the first time in VADER's career we've got cover stories in four leading Polish magazines like Teraz Rock, Metal Hammer, Hard Rocker and Mystic Art), webzines, radio and TV stations - it all speaks for itself! We are more than happy! Under this link you can find a video interview for Polish music portal (unfortunately, available in Polish language only). We look for more! Stay tuned for more!

AOL Music: VADER among 10 best death metal bands!
AOL Music just published a new feature on their AOL Radio blog listing the 10 Best Death Metal Bands, as voted by AOL Radio listeners. Panzer division VADER got the third position!!! It's unbelievable that among so many great bands we were the ones who allowed this to happen. VADER would like to thank all AOL Radio listeners who voted for us. Horns up! See you soon! The complete list is available here.
Peter interviewed by Terrorizer Magazine
Terrorizer magazine's Jill Mikkelson conducted an interview with VADER's guitarist and vocalist Peter at this year's Metal Camp Festival, which was held on July 6, 2009 in Tolmin, Slovenia. Watch the six-minute chat here .
We Are The Horde: new track available!
VADER's new song entitled "We Are The Horde" is available for streaming on band's MySpace profile. The song comes off the new panzerdivision album entitled "Necropolis". The album will feature the following tracks:

01. Devilizer
02. Rise Of The Undead
03. Never Say My Name
04. Blast
05. The Seal
06. Dark Heart
07. Impure
08. Summoning The Futura
09. Anger
10. We Are Horde
11. When The Sun Drowns In Dark

Bonus Tracks (available on limited digi-pack):
12) Black Metal (Venom cover featuring Bart Krysiuk (Hermh)
13) Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica cover featuring Maciek Taff (Rootwater, Black River)

The limited edition of the album will feature also a bonus DVD with a benefit show VADER performed at on April 26th in Krakow, Poland for Covan (DECAPITATED). The tracklist of the DVD is as follows:

1) Crucified Ones
2) Black To The Blind
3) The Epitaph
4) Carnal
5) Wings
6) This Is The War
7) Lead Us!!!
We Are The Horde: premiere of the new song on July 3!
Polish death metal stalwarts VADER will release their new full length album entitled "Necropolis" on August 21 through Nuclear Blast. World premiere of band's new track entitled "We Are The Horde" on VADER's MySpace page on July 3!!! Don't forget to visit band's profile, listen to the new killing song and post a comment.
You have been warned!
VADER announce North American tour!
Polish deathsters VADER will team up with California's Decrepit Birth, L.A.'s Warbringer, The Amenta from Australia, S.W.W.A.A.T.S. from Florida, and Montreal, Canada's Augury for a 38-show "Decibel Presents: Monsters Of Death Tour" through North America beginning November 4th in Baltimore, Maryland. VADER guitarist/vocalist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek shares his thoughts on the upcoming trek: "Metal always was and still needs to be a brotherhood. All we were doing [in the past] to support the music and the scene was cooperating with other bands. Natural selection decides if a band is really dedicated or if it's just an episode. Not much has changed today, actually. Even if the so-called "metal music business" changed some rules, there will still be those who play with passion and those who want success. It is not us who wanna be "a judge," so we always try to tour with bands we have a good relationship with. A good time and a friendly atmosphere is important for all of us. I only hope that everybody will enjoy the tour and will come away with good lessons from it... like we in VADER always do. Deciding on a set list is always a problem. With every new album, the problem grows bigger and bigger. I decide the set list and I'm always confused. Usually, I try to mix some of old VADER hits with new stuff. The set might be different and depends on the conditions. For the upcoming tour through the USA and Canada, we're gonna make the set slightly different from our shows in Poland and Western Europe. I also asked our fans about their favorite VADER songs. It may help me make a choice. I wish we could play all of our new songs, but it is not possible. I think we'll do 5 pieces from Necropolis and mix them in with some old VADER. The veterans and also the new "in-VADERs" will find something interesting for sure! After the maniacs learn the new album better, we can always add more songs."

The Monsters of Death Tour will mark the North American debut of VADER's live line-up:

- Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek - Guitar/Vocals
- Waclaw "Vogg" Kieltyka - Guitar
- Reyash - Bass
- Pawel Jaroszewicz - Drums

VADER's new album, Necropolis, will be released in the U.S. & Canada on September 22nd. Recorded at Hertz Studios in Bialystok, Poland with the Wieslawski Bros., Tue Madsen mixed the album at Antfarm Studios in Denmark. Cover artwork is by Jacek Wisniewski. Necropolis will be released in two formats: a regular jewel-case (11 tracks only) and a limited edition digi-pak with the following bonus tracks + bonus DVD:

01. Devilizer
02. Rise Of The Undead
03. Never Say My Name
04. Blast
05. The Seal
06. Dark Heart
07. Impure
08. Summoning The Futura
09. Anger
10. We Are Horde
11. When The Sun Drowns In Dark

Bonus Tracks:
12) Black Metal (Venom cover with guest Bart Krysiuk (Hermh)
13) Fight Fire With Fire (Metallica cover with guest Maciek Taff (Rootwater, Black River)

The bonus DVD features a portion of a benefit show VADER performed at on April 26th in Krakow, Poland for Covan (DECAPITATED). The Studio Club show was recorded by five cameras and has HD quality courtesy of Inbornmedia Company from Wrocław.

"To Live!!!" Bonus DVD Track Listing:
1) Crucified Ones
2) Black To The Blind
3) The Epitaph
4) Carnal
5) Wings
6) This Is The War
7) Lead Us!!!

All tour dates are listed here . Pre-sale tickets for the Monsters Of Death Tour are available online at through July 17th. On July 18th, tickets go on sale through all normal ticketing outlets.
Blitzkrieg 5: let's start a war!
The next leg of VADER's Blitzkrieg 5 Tour 2009 promotional campaign has just begun! The Polish edition of the tour will feature also Swedish black metal monster MARDUK, two well known Polish bands CHAINSAW and ESQARIAL and some additional guest acts. Morgan and MARDUK can't wait to play a tour with VADER! "Marduk are proud to announce that we will be joining Vader for a 15 date Polish tour right before we hit Europe. We are delighted to team up once again with our war brothers in Vader to march across Poland together with our loyal Polish fans and reach territories we havent been in before. Unleash the wolfpack..." (Morgan/ MARDUK). CHAINSAW and ESQARIAL are hungry for blood as well. Both bands are going to promote their newest releases during the upcoming trip. It's gonna be a killer package the more so because there will be some other surprises. "We are looking forward to start Blitz and I'm sure that's gonna be the best tour we've ever played. The new line-up is getting stronger day by day, both artistically and mentally. We are working hard to improve the quality of our shows and prepare some special surprises for our Fans. Hopefully this time we will succeed in all. Remember- VADER takes no slaves!" (Peter/VADER). The upcoming tour is being promoted by the biggest Polish portal and also Hard Rocker, Alphard, Warner Music,, Music Info. There's also a venue change in Warsaw. The first battle of Blitzkrieg 5 will take place in Progresja (ul.Kaliskiego 15A). Stay VADERized!
MARDUK to appear on Polish leg of Blitzkrieg 5!
Panzer division MARDUK will team up with VADER on their Polish leg of "Blitzkrieg 5" tour! Swedes will appear on the tour as a special guest. For this occassion the band will prepare a special live set. Expect brutal, extreme live shows which will be a warm up before band's European headlining tour featuring also VADER. Dates of Polish Blitzkrieg tour are available here.
Extermination goes on!
Yesss! Extermination! Total extermination and destruction! Last week VADER played some shows (new pics can be found in our gallery) in such places as Bielsko-Biała (Poland), Brnenec (Czech Republic) and Kalisz (Poland! Metalheads from Bielsko Biała once again proved their total dedication, over 400 people came to celebrate the night. "Fans from Bielsko are always a big surprise for me. Without any mercy, from the first tone till the last one: 100 % of dedication, total destruction! It was a very brutal show. We had some minor technical problems but in the end everything exploded like a bomb! Short party after the show, small listening session of our new album. What a great night! Thanx Bielsko Biała! " (Peter/ VADER) After many years of absence the band returned to Kalisz to unleash pure hell on Earth! "Wow, it was another great show... Extreme like in the 80-s! I remember our early years and shows we played in a venue called "Luzak" in Olsztyn: overcrowded venue and sweat running down the walls. Kalisz was the same. Over 250 fans crowded in a venue for 100 people (at the most). It was our decision and hopefully people were satisfied with our show. We couldn't spread our wings on a small stage but in the end, the show turned out great. Thank you all! You rule! See you on Blitzkrieg tour which means big venues, great sound and killing production. Stay VADERized!!!" (Peter/VADER)

After the show in Bielsko Biała VADER also played on a small festival in Czech Republic. Now the band is gearing up for the next shows. On June 20 we appear on one of the biggest festivals in Europe: Hellfest Festival 2009! Then we play some venue shows: Colmar/ Grillen (21.06), Frankfurt/ Nachtleben (23.06), Osnabruck/ Bastard (24.06), Rotterdam/ Baroeg (25.06), Helmstedt/ Waldbran Open Air Festival (26.06), Wachenroth/ Suffering Life Festival (27.06) and Zielona Góra/ Kotłownia (28.06). Our tour schedule has been updated with band's appearance on Hunterfest in Szczytno, Poland (25.07) and Agglutiantion Festival in Sant' Arcangelo, Italy (10.08). More details will follow soon!
Co-headlining European tour of VADER & MARDUK!
After long days of negotiations and preparations hereby we would like to announce "Funeral Nation Tour 2009"- a co-headlining European tour of two well known metal monsters VADER and MARDUK. It's going to be a special event for all black and death metal freaks the more so because the tour will promote bands' newest full length albums. VADER is ready to unleash hell with their brand new monster "Necropolis" (to be out in August 21 through Nuclear Blast) while MARDUK is working on a new opus for Regain Records. Be prepared for a massive panzer attack, ashes, burning ground and total destruction. During this killing trek the co-headliners will be supported by amazing Italian brutal death metal band FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE and one more act (soon to be announced). "Funeral Nation Tour 2009" will cover most of European regions except for the UK, Scandinavia, the Balkans and Baltic States. MARDUK and VADER are planning to invade these places early 2010! The tour schedule is available here.
VADER unveils secrets of "Necropolis"!
Long awaited VADER's new full length album entitled "Necropolis" will be released on August 21 through Nuclear Blast. The album will be available as a standard CD edition, digi pack (featuring two cover tracks and bonus DVD) edition and vinyl edition. The album artwork (click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture) and the whole layout was made by Jacek Wi¶niewski (who also made cover arts for such albums as "Black To The Blind", "Litany", "Revelations" and many more). "Necropolis" was recorded at Hertz Studio with Sławek and Wojtek Wiesławski behind the helm. Then the album was mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at his Antfarm Studio (it's been band's first cooperation with a foreign producer since "The Ultimate Incantation"). The result of that cooperation is simply fantastic! "Tue Madsen did tremendous work! He modeled power on this album. It is not easy to make VADER sound heavy and clear. When I was listening to the master tape for a first time, I knew after the opening notes that 'Necropolis' is gonna be a BLAST indeed!!! Tue thinks the same, which makes me even more happy. No VADER album sounded so powerful without loss of all these details in the songs. I am impressed indeed!!! We will do video clips, of course! I'm not sure yet which songs are gonna be chosen. I have some 'evil stories' in my mind just waiting to be realized. Personally, I want to see a clip for 'Devilizer', which opens 'Necropolis'. The CD front cover was done by Jacek Wisniewski and explains what's inside the album... We summoned the Old Spirits again. The Unknown is awakened...again. 'Necropolis' is exactly like the picture seen on the front cover: solid, metal and evil, with many details, backgrounds and... hidden mysteries. There's also another thing that don't let me fall asleep since a few days. I mean very honest, positive, almost enthusiastic response from Nuclear Blast!" (Peter-VADER)

Digi pack edition of the album will feature two cover songs: "Black Metal" of VENOM (with a guest appearance of Bart Krysiuk from HERMH), and "Fight Fire With Fire" of METALLICA (featuring Maciek Taff from ROOTWATER, BLACK RIVER). Another special thing is a bonus DVD featuring a part of a charity show for Covan (DECAPITATED) the band played on April 26 in Krakow. The show recorded by 5 cameras, dynamic editing and HD quality - all that made by Inbornmedia Company from Wrocław.

"Necropolis" tracklisting:
1) Devilizer
2) Rise Of The Undead
3) Never Say My Name
4) Blast
5) The Seal
6) Dark Heart
7) Impure
8) Summoning The Futura
9) Anger
10) We Are Horde
11) When The Sun Drowns In Dark

Bonus audio:
12) Black Metal
13) Fight Fire With Fire

Bonus DVD "To Live!!!" tracklisting
1) Crucified Ones
2) Black To The Blind
3) The Epitaph
4) Carnal
5) Wings
6) This Is The War
7) Lead Us!!!
Necropolis: the 3rd part of studio report available now!
The third part of studio report from "Necropolis" recording session is available now. In that period band's mainman Peter works on some new guitar solos, vocal parts and ... bass guitar lines (it will probably surprise some of you). He also unveils some technical details concerning studio recordings, equipment and so on. The fourth part of the report (directly from Tue Madsen's Antfarm Studio) will be available soon. Stay tuned!
Necropolis: next part of report from recording session!
VADER's mainman Peter (guitar, vocals) checks in from the studio again! The next part of report from the recordings of band's new monster is available below:

Monday 18th May is the day, when the new album "Necropolis" was finished!!! The last act of the process was a flight to Aarhus in Denmark and my visit at AntFarm Studio. During next two days me and Tue were working on the character of new record and some details in the mix. Next days are Tue Madsen's solitary work in silence of His studio. The result is tremendous!!! New songs sound powerful and still mysterious. The cover art (created by Jacek Wisniewski) being so much different then previous works is so magical as well.

The whole graphics fulfill the Music on the album. It will contain 11 songs , 33 minutes and 33 seconds of real Breath of Chaos. There are two bonus tracks on special edition, which are classics in Metal, also big part of HQ footage from VADER charity show in Krakow, which was our help for Covan and His recovery after serious car accident.

The 3rd part of "Gates To Necropolis"- studio report will be available yet in this week. More secrets about the recordings of guitars, bass or vocals shall be told. The last but not least, the 4th part of the report will be done in next two weeks. We will close up the guest in "Necropolis" session, also shots from AntFarm studio in Denmark. And we're looking forward to see YOU on the shows soon!!!!! AVE !!!!
/ Peter

In other news, visit our gallery of pics recently updated with some quality pics from VADER's recent gig in Sanok.
New summer dates confirmed!
On Thursday 7.05 VADER will appear on a gig in Sanok, Poland. On 8.05 the band will play a show in Kielce and 9.05 in Częstochowa. After Hellfest (20.06) panzer division will play some club shows. Some new dates have been added to our summer tour schedule: 21.06 Colmar, 23.06 Frankfurt, 24.06 Osnabruck and 25.06 Rotterdam. We would also like to announce band's appearance on festivals: 5.07 Basinfirefest in Spalene Porici (Czech Republic) and 10.08 Agglutiantion Festival in Sant' Arcangelo (Italy). More details can be found on our site.
Necropolis: the 2nd part of studio report available!
The second part of VADER's studio report from the recording session of band's upcoming album "Necropolis" is finally ready to unleash. This time you get the opportunity to see the process from the other side, to see how it goes from the first idea till the last stage of the process- the recordings. The reports features also a few excerpts from VADER's new songs. No doubt, it's gonna be a very powerful album of Panzer Division. Watch the footage and prepare your Body, Heart and Soul to serve the Beast. More details coming soon, be vigilant!
Necropolis: new studio report & pictures available!
After a short break VADER entered the studio again to continue recording session of band's new effort "Necropolis". The tracklisting for the new album has been confirmed. At the moment Peter is working on guitar and vocal parts. This week Reyash will start laying down bass parts. Peter also announces a special guest appearance in a few solo parts on the album. As you may know, in the meantime the band signed a worldwide deal with Nuclear Blast. What a great news to keep the band even more motivated! Here is a brief report from the studio, new photos can be found in the gallery. The second part of video report should be available this week.

"Welcome again, ALL worshippers of Metal Power !!!!! The next step in creating of new album is behind us... "Necropolis" has its shape now. Today we finish recordings of main guitars and after a week break we coming back to the studio to make all leads, bass and vocal parts. The whole program of the album looks like that: "Devilized"; "Rise Of The Undead"; "Never Say My Name"; "Dark Heart"; "Blast"; "Impure"; "We Are Horde; Anger" ; "When The Sun Drowns In Dark" also "The Sigil"; "Dei Nostri" and "Summoning The Futura" as musical impressions. We realized also two cover songs... More about it is coming soon. "Gates to Necropolis" part Two is gonna be available in a week as well. This time we will show You the life in a studio, process of creation and recordings of main guitars on the new album. So....STAY VADERIZED !!!!" Peter/Vader
VADER signs with Nuclear Blast!
We would like to proudly announce that Polish death metallers VADER have inked a deal with German giant- Nuclear Blast Records! We are very glad that after so many years VADER finally joined one of the biggest metal labels in the world. We really believe in their potential, experience and famous German reliability. We are pretty confident that the cooperation will be successful both for the band and the record label. Now VADER is ready to explode! We have been waiting for such a solid record deal for sooo long so it's safe to say that the new era in VADER's career has just begun!". The upcoming album "Necropolis", currently being recorded and produced at Hertz and Antfarm Studios, will be released by Nuclear Blast at the end of August. VADER will start to promote the album a bit earlier, appearing on a pre-summer tour and some summer festivals, such as Hellfest, With Full Force, Summer Breeze, Metalcamp and others. Regular Polish and European tours are planned for autumn. Furthermore VADER is going to appear on extensive tours in the US, Canada, South America, Japan and Asia, Australia and Russia. More info concerning band's future plans will follow soon. The last but not least, we would like to thank Regain Records for all these years of our cooperation- all the best to you!

"This is absolutely amazing, that VADER is now a part of NUCLEAR BLAST Family!!! Can't find words how proud we are !!! Only great things may happen when traditions meet together... I so much believe, that VADER will give one more BLAST to this NUCLEAR history of Metal!!! Let start the Fire - TOGETHER!!!" Peter / Vader

"Nuclear Blast is very proud to announce the signing of the legendary death metal kings from Poland - VADER!!! Vader have a history of almost 25 years of releasing death metal highlights and have built up a reputation of being one of the hardest touring bands in the scene! After many attempts both parties have finally come together and Vader have found a new home at Nuclear Blast! This Summer Vader will release their new album Necropolis, which will not only be their debut for Nuclear Blast, but also another chapter in the history of the band with a totally renewed line up! Watch out for the new Vader as they will only return stronger than ever! Vader is still improving after all these years, so it is safe to say that the best of these death metal kings is still to come, so we, at Nuclear Blast are looking forward to start the propaganda machine!" Jaap Wagemaker / A&R Nuclear Blast
The Gates of Necropolis - Video-report pt1
Hereby we would like to present "The Gates of Necropolis"- a series of video reports that will show you VADER at the studio, working hard on the new full length album entitled "Necropolis". It's some kind of a supplement to Peter's reports, presented on our website in a written form. So far you have only had an opportunity to see a bunch of pictures from the recording session and read some Peter's comments. Today, for the first time you have a chance to watch a fresh video report from the Hertz Studio. The first part of the report focuses on the drums recordings. Paul unveils some of his secrets from behind his impressive drumkit. The report features also some comments of Peter and Wojtek Wieslawski (engineer, producer and co-owner of Hertz Studio). Ejnoy watching it and stay tuned for the next part of "The Gates Of Necropolis"!
Blitzkrieg 5 Tour 2009: support acts & dates announced
During the Polish leg of Blitzkrieg 5 VADER will be teaming up with BLINDEAD and ROOTWATER! On the tour ROOTWATER are going to promote their third full length album "Visionism" (Paul from VADER appeared on it as a session drummer!). The album will be released on May/ June through Mystic Productions. The band will appear on tour in the new line up featuring Taff (vocals), Zusin (guitars, samples, vocal), Heinrich (bass, samples), Valeo (guitars) and Oley (drums). The second guest act BLINDEAD is considered to be one of the most sensational bands on Polish music scene in recent years. Their music has been compared to such bands as CULT OF LUNA or NEUROSIS. Some time ago they released highly acclaimed second album "Autoscopia/Murder in Phazes". BLINDEAD features Nick (vocals), Havoc (guitars), Deadman (guitars), Konrad (drums), Zwierzak (bass), Hervy (soundscapes & samples), K-Vass (visualisation). The tour will also feature some local supports and special guest. More details will follow soon.

Blitzkrieg 5 Tour 2009
29.08.2009 Warszawa / Stodoła
30.08.2009 Olsztyn / Olsztyńskie Lato Artystyczne
01.09.2009 Gdańsk / Parlament
02.09.2009 Szczecin / Słowianin
03.09.2009 Poznań / Eskulap
04.09.2009 ŁódĽ / Dekompresja
05.09.2009 Katowice / Mega Club
06.09.2009 Opole / MOK
07.09.2009 Wrocław / Firlej
08.09.2009 Kraków / Loch Ness
09.09.2009 Rzeszów / Pod Palm±
10.09.2009 Radom / Strefa G2
11.09.2009 Lublin / Graffiti
12.09.2009 Białystok / Gwint
13.09.2009 Toruń / Od Nowa
Necropolis- studio update and pics available!
VADER's members are currently working at Hertz Studio on the follow up to "Impressions In Blood" album. Band's mainman Peter issues the following update:

Hi Everybody!!!! Greetings from Hertz Studios!!!! We just finished first week of recordings! 11 drum tracks chosen for the upcoming album "Necropolis" are done. 9 of them will be available on every standard edition. Two of the songs we're gonna keep as bonuses or to play on VADERs official MySpace site...yet in Summer time. Wanna know any titles? Here we go: "Anger", "Dark Heart", "When We Arrive", "Devilized" or "We Are Horde...". There will be also new versions of "Rise Of The Undead" and "Impure" included. "Necropolis" is kinda mix of the atmosphere of "De Profundis" album and aggression known from "Litany"...We recorded tracks which are even more brutal. Here You will find some pictures taken last week in Hertz Studios during drum session. The new video rapport called "Secrets of the Force" will be available too. The progress of recordings, more pics and next part of video rapport will be set on VADERs MySpace soon. STAY VADERIZED!!!!!/ Peter
Blitzkrieg 5 Tour 2009: first details announced!
At the beginning of September VADER will kick off a tour in Poland, in order to promote band's upcoming album "Necropolis". Polish leg of the tour will consist of approximately 12-13 shows in some biggest Polish cities. Every show will be preceded by meeting with fans in the chain of EMPik stores. The tour will be a continuation of a "Blitzkrieg Tour" formula well known from some recent years. The tour will contain some great Polish support acts, it's still in negotiation phase That's gonna be the fifth edition of Blitzkrieg, so you should definitely expect some surprises, unexpected guests etc. The tour schedule will feature gigs in Warszawa, Białystok or Ełk, Gdynia or Gdańsk, Szczecin, Poznań, Toruń, ŁódĽ, Wrocław, Opole, Katowice or Zabrze, Kraków, Rzeszów and Lublin.

At the end of September VADER will invade Europe together with MARDUK! That's gonna be a two month long tournee so it should cover all the regions of Europe. The tour schedule will be announced soon. We are still working on support acts list...Please note that on March 20 Peter & VADER enters Hertz Studio to record tracks for band's newest CD entitled "Necropolis". Recording session will last till the end of April. In May at Antfarm Studio maestro Tue Madsen will take care of mixes and mastering. The album will be released at the end of August or beginning of September. You should expect a big surprise concerning the album release, more details will follow soon. Stay tuned!
New song available for download!
VADER are hard at work on the next full length album "Necropolis". Band's mainman Peter (vocals, guitars) checks in: "Vadermaniacs!!! As You were promissed-here is our next track recorded as pre-product In December 2008 in Hertz Studios. This time VADER not as "typical" as on "Rise Of The Undead"... Yet in this week we enter the studio to start recording the tracks for the upcoming "Necopolis". As I mentioned before-we will inform You about the progress in the studio. So expect first report ("Walking the path into Dead World: The Beginning") next week. And now let me introduce "Impure"... See You soon \m/"

"Impure" is available here. Play it loud!
First summer festivals confirmed!
VADER have already confirmed the appearance on some European summer festivals (see the dates below). That's gonna be a great opportunity to see the band on stage just before the new album release. The unstoppable Polish panzertank will definitely hit you with some new songs from the upcoming CD "Necropolis". We are still working on some additional dates so stay tuned and check our website regularly for new updates!

VADER to begin recordings for "Necropolis"!
In the middle of March VADER will enter Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland to begin recording session of band's next studio album entitled "Necropolis". All the tracks will be recorded at Hertz and engineered by Wieslawski Bros. Tue Madsen (who previously worked with such bands as MOONSPELL, CATARACT, HEAVEN SHALL BURN and many more...) will mix the album at his famous Antfarm Studios in Denmark. "Necropolis" will be the first album recorded in VADER's new line up featuring band's new musicians Paul (drums), Reyash (bass) and Vogg (guitars). Famous Polish artist Jacek Wi¶niewski (who made cover arts for such albums as "Black To The Blind", "Revelations", "The Beast" and some more...) will take care of the album artwork and its whole layout. One of the songs recorded during the latest pre-production session at Haertz Studio is available for download directly from our MP3 section. Band's leader Peter stated about new ideas and plans:

Welcome again, Brothers and Sisters!!! One of the brand new VADER songs recorded in December at Hertz Studios is available on our Site... It's called "RISE OF THE UNDEAD"!!! We are back to the Underworlds, Dark Spheres and Forgotten Eons. Kind of the Anthem to the undead ideas of Dimensions which exist Here and Beyond. This is gonna be also a teaser of our upcoming creation "Necropolis" - VADER's new album. Recordings starts in the middle of March and we'll stay in the studio for about four weeks. Then we'll move to AntFarm Studios in Denmark to transform all tracks into some kind of venomous incantations. Of course- we will keep You updated about the progress of recordings with words and video reports. Before the work is done there will be another new song available on"Impure"!!! And from May: MORE SHOWS ARE COMING!!!!!
New pics from Winterfest available!
A few pics from recently finished "Winterfest 2009 Tour" have been added to our gallery. Our thanx goes to Shelley Jambresic! More high quality VADER's shots from the tour you can find on Metal Portal. Check'em out!
"Carnal" ends up on the 5th position- a miracle?
The German edition of Metal Hammer magazine has compiled a list of the 111 greatest death metal songs of all time as selected by the visitors to the web site. More than 15,000 votes were cast, with the top spot going to CANNIBAL CORPSE's "Hammer Smashed Face". VADER's "Carnal" ended up in the fifth position. This is something we still can't understand. On the 1st of February VADER was on the first position with 35 percent of the votes. The voting was officially closed on the 31st of January, so... What happened? The last-minute miracle? OK, we don't care. We would like to thank all the fans who voted for VADER- you rule!!! No matter if some people like it or not...

Top 10 death metal songs of all time, as selected by visitors (or editors):

01. CANNIBAL CORPSE - "Hammer Smashed Face"
02. ARCH ENEMY - "We Will Rise"
03. DEATH - "Crystal Mountain"
04. AMON AMARTH - "Pursuit Of Vikings"
05. VADER - "Carnal"
06. SEPULTURA - "Arise"
07. CARCASS - "Heartwork"
08. IN FLAMES - "Only For The Weak"
09. KATAKLYSM - "In Shadows And Dust"
10. BEHEMOTH - "Christians To The Lions"
Peter & the other members comments on recently finished tour and more...
VADER's mainman Peter commented on recently finished "Winterfest 2009" tour and some other things. You can read it below:

PETER: "Welcome in the Year 2009 !!!! As I promised - You will see news more often on the Site, which itself will evolve soon as well.... We're gonna add more new stuff (so the brand new VADER song will be available in days) also upgrade the general info on . The real revolution in look will come with the new album in Autumn.

What happened in last few weeks? Of course, Winterfest with our Dudes from DEICIDE, SAMAEL or DEVIAN was total success indeed!!!! Great tour and awesome start in New year for VADER !!! Every evening we played for plenty of Metal Freaks (average 550 Fans ) and VADER were welcomed like kings. THANX SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOU INDEED!!!!! This is only a part of what we plan for the upcoming album and tours in late months 2009. We have spend great January with the whole Massive Music Team - who were working pretty hard every night to make every show in quality. The Winter Offensive destroyed everything totally !!!!! ... Those who were know that well. Special greetings for all Fans in Slovakia and Poland , where 800 throats raised Hell every evening !!!!

Below You'll find some lines about the tour written by my Dudes from the band:

VOGG: "Winterfest 2009 was in my opinion tremendous. Great organization, good promotion and no problem at all...DEICIDE was destroying every evening!!! It was for me, Peter, Paul and Reyash just a second tour together but I saw all Fans really satisfied from how we performed. I'd like to thank to Massive Music ,Peter, Fabricio, Wsciekly, Jurgen, and all "gypsies" for professional job and awesome atmosphere every night hehehe. Till next time!!!!"

REYASH: "...after so successful tour in November in Scandinavia/Baltic Lands we all were waiting for Winterfest 2009- next tour organized by Massive Music... We met on 6th January in Progresja Club in Warsaw to prepare the set. Every one relaxed and filled with energy , ready for war... After 3 hours rehearsal (with Riverside practicing just behind the wall...)we spend time in a restaurant next door, having pizza and some good beers. Buzzi (our Friend carrying about the merch)showed up soon and the rest of our team fallowed him: "gypsies" from Krakov January/Vacek and Diabel,. The guys took our gear pretty fast to the trailer and in deep frost (minus 25 degrees) we took direction Massive Music HQ. Mario, Eva and Darek (tour manager) , Piotr and both Crisses (drivers) were awaiting us. Fast supper, cigarette, beer and we all moved to the nightliner... We drove somewhere in Germany to pick up SAMAEL and the rest of Swiss crew.... I woke up at noon in Amsterdam , where the second nightliner was waiting with Australians from AMENTIA, Americans from ORDER OF ENNEAD and our sound master Fabricio. DEVIAN dudes appeared just in next minutes...We were waiting just for DEICIDE. Ralf Santolla showed up soon after fallowed by Jack Owen and Steve Asheim, who came up from darkness in lather suit... After while MR. Glen Benton showed up as well ! with a smile big like Hell... All was completed (two buses and 35 persons) and we start to Tillburg. So was the TEAM. Everything went well since the very beginning of the tour: professional bands-playing like Hell every evening - good venues, great number of Fans, awesome crew and organization, good food. VADER were more and more aggressive every next show. For a first time I was playing on Fender Precision Bass and it was so great feeling banging head with musicians like Peter, Vogg and Paul indeed. Tremendous fourteen shows, last three sold out... Bratislava killed and Poland was probably the best on tour! Every night crazy afterparty with cool Friends... and so on every evening. Thanx so much for Massive Music for professionalism !!! Metal on!!!

PAUL: Winterfest is just over and I can already say, that it was on of the best - if not the best - tour I ever took part at!!! All was so much professional prepared. Great atmosphere and cool company let everyone spend great time indeed. Of course - concerts were the most important and -to be honest -I felt little stress in Polish part of the tour. It were the first shows in Poland in this line up and I was not sure, how the response gonna be like. So the applause for VADER and great numbers of Fans was nice surprise for me. THANX SO MUCH for support !!! It was really important for me indeed. This is noting but big motivation for next VADER album and giving 200% more on next shows for VADER !!!"
VADER on Winterfest: successful start!
Last Thursday (8.01.) in Tilburg united forces of DEICIDE (featuring Glen Benton), SAMAEL, VADER, DEVIAN, ORDER OF ENNEAD and THE AMENTA kicked off an European tour "Winterfest 2009". So far the tour has been going great and VADER have no mercy in slaying metalheads each night. Go to Massive Music website to read a special tourblog written by members of DEVIAN and featuring some backstage/ onstage pictures. Highly recommended!
Support VADER, vote for Carnal!
Hello Legions! Some time ago we've informed you about voting poll of German Metal Hammer Magazine for the best death metal track in history. There's good news and there's bad news. The good one: thanx to your outstanding support VADER's classic track "Carnal" has already reached the first position! Awesome! The bad one: the vote is still ongoing (ends up on January 31) so we still need your help! If you haven't done it yet, go to this location and vote for "Carnal"! It's quite easy, you don't need to register, just click and that's it! VADER forever!
Peter interviewed by Metal Rules
VADER's mainman was recently interviewed by famous webzine In-depth, very interesting interview with Peter (guitars, vocals) conducted by Arto Lehtinen and Luxi Lahtinen is available under this location. Check it!

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